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The United States of America still has the greatest power in the world in terms of economic and military forces. Its 50 states combined produce the greatest chunk of the world’s gross domestic product. It also has strong cultural influence all across the globe, with its booming arts and entertainment industry.

On a technological level, the nation is considered the major frontrunner in new and innovative start-ups and tech advancement. Their greatest exported products are electrical appliances, vehicles and computers.

On top of this, the US have a number of other successfully exported products, including livestock, food products and military apparatus. They also hold the largest coal reserves on Earth.

Of course, all this power does not make the US immune to hardship. Ever-present racial tension and income inequality continue to divide the nation and turn it against itself. More significantly, however, is the concerning split that tends to surface between the leading political parties, especially in times where important legislation is discussed.

Issues such as immigration, national security, war debt and gun laws remain at the forefront of political debate for the leader of the Western World.

And leading this constitution-based powerhouse of a nation in this current electoral term is the highly-recognisable and uniquely-witted, President Donald Trump.

Entering office in 2016, both Trump’s rhetoric and stance on a plenitude of political issues puts his name in news headlines almost daily. Strategic moves and voiced motives which occurred under his leadership paint the picture of a man eager to lead his country to an even greater position on the global stage, even if it means losing friends along the way.

For instance, Trump’s insistence on placing hefty tariffs on international trade commodities has sparked the potential for serious trade wars with key US allies. Nevertheless, Trump remains persistent in scouring the international trade waters in order to pinpoint any economically detrimental weaknesses.

Many foresee entirely new trade deals being made during Trump’s term in office, with a complete renegotiation of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Moreover, the nation’s ongoing complicated relationship with Russia may finally see the start of positive change as a result of Trump’s dealings with Putin.

And, a little closer to home, US–Aussie relations are currently looking stronger than ever. But you don’t tend to hear about this in the news…

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Crude Oil Looks Ready to Tumble

Trump is hoping to force Iran back to the bargaining table. He’s after a better deal to scale back Iran’s nuclear ambitions than his predecessor Barack Obama signed off on. That may be a long way off. But in the meantime, his decision emboldened the oil bulls to drive oil prices higher.