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Because of its geographically-large nature, Asian politics are greatly diverse and are constantly changing.

There are multiple different types of political systems at play within the Asian region, which tend to create conflict amongst competing nations as well as more broadly across the globe.

Regional politics consist of constitutional monarchies, communist regimes, military-based authoritarian governments, as well as the Western-favoured form of democracies.

It is the most rapidly growing region in the world. Because of this, there’s been history of some systems being overturned. These include the Indonesian’s transformation into a democracy, as well as Thailand’s rejuvenation of their authoritarianism.

The Asian political climate today is still residually affected by the colonial and imperial history of the region. For instance, a lot of states are still relatively closely linked to their former colonial governors, and some are still struggling to gain official independence and remove themselves from their historical constraints.

Tensions are still high across the continent as well. The four-way dispute between Taiwan, Kashmir, Tibet and North Korea can still be felt. There is also serious economic rivalry between China and India.

China has been climbing the economic ladder for the past two decades, and has their sights on overthrowing America for the GDP throne in the upcoming years. However, some of their strategies have been viewed as far from ethical by some nations, including Australia.

With all this change and history-making political overthrows, Asian politics is a very appealing area of insight to delve into. It may also be beneficial to your understanding of global politics as a whole, for every move in the Asian political sphere tends to cause a ripple affect across the world.

These affects can be both positive and negative, depending on the state of the global economy and politics at the time.

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