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Our national anthem calls fellow Australians to ‘rejoice’ in this ‘young and free’ country. And granted, with less than 150 years of being an independent nation, our democratic political system is everything but aged.

However, being the nation that welcomes all and provides life-changing opportunities to those who are seeking it, it isn’t always as ‘freeing’ as it’s made out to be.

Australia is continuously having to tighten — and then loosen, and then tighten again — the reins on border control, forever readjusting the balance between economy-boosting migration and national security.

What’s more, our migrant-heavy population has brought with it a spike in the amount of elderly in need of care, which the country is often struggling to afford.

Because of this, the retirement age is having to be pushed back, which is taking away jobs from our up and coming generation Z and beyond.

Add to this the seemingly growing debt we owe to the First Australians, who get their fair share of opportunities to shake their heads at new policies and legislation.

And, while all of this is happening domestically, Australia is having to make sure it is shaking hands with the right nations, who will uphold their promise of keeping us on their radar. Without them, our economy would struggle to survive.

It’s a difficult and very taxing task — in all forms of that word. And who do we have up front, in charge of the wheel?

Well, it depends how regularly you check this page. We’re currently on Prime Minister number five in the past five years. Unfortunately, this isn’t a situation where more is better.

But we can’t just dump all the blame on our front runner. Our two major parties are almost always at ends with one another…when they aren’t at war with themselves. And we see the claws come out with every approaching election.

And then we have the minor parties, who seem to cause more trouble than the democratic equality they’re supposed to represent.

When there aren’t bills or amendments, or even cross-country meetings to argue about, things tend to quickly get personal. One sex scandal after another fills in the space between parliament seatings, to keep the fire alive.

At The Australian Tribune, we have no patience for such time wasting. We’re all about keeping everyone’s noses out of the government’s business, and letting them get on with the important job that they’re paid to do. After all, the future of Australia depends on our leader steering us in the right direction.

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