Why These 18 Election Candidates Got the Boot

The major parties — and many of the minor ones — are haemorrhaging candidates in the lead up to this Saturday’s federal election.

In a stark reminder for 2019 politicians that once you put something on the web it never goes away, a number of would-be leaders were downed by social media posts they’d made many years ago.

Others didn’t need the help of questionable historic posts. They were more than happy to shoot themselves in the foot with the election day in clear sight.

Below you can see the ever-growing list of the federal elections ex-candidates…and what did them in.

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* Gurpal Singh (Liberal, Scullin) — backed an alleged rapist and linked same-sex marriage to paedophilia on social media

* Jay Dessi (Greens, Lalor) — racist joke about a friend

* Jessica Whelan (Liberal, Lyons) — anti-Muslim social media comments

* Peter Killin (Liberal, Wills) — writing about dangers of gay people and insulting fellow Liberal Tim Wilson

* Jeremy Hearn (Liberal, Isaacs) — Facebook slur against Muslims

* Murray Angus (Liberal, Corio) — friendly comments about Labor candidate

* Kate Oski (Liberal, Lalor) — citizenship doubts

* Vaishali Ghosh (Liberal, Wills) — citizenship doubts

* Helen Jackson (Liberal, Cooper) — public servant

* Courtney Nguyen (Liberal, Fowler) — citizenship doubts

* Sam Kayal (Liberal, Werriwa) — citizenship doubts

* Tony Pecora (United Australia Party, Melbourne) — conspiracy theory about 11 September terrorist attacks

* James Harker-Mortlock (Nationals, Whitlam) — citizenship doubts

* Steve Dickson (One Nation, Queensland Senate) — strip club scandal

* Wayne Kurnoth (Labor, NT Senate) — offensive social media posts

* Melissa Parke – (Labor, Curtin) — comments on Palestine

* Mary Ross (Labor, NSW Senate) — citizenship doubts

* Luke Creasey (Labor, Melbourne) — vulgar social media comments about women, posted seven years ago


* Rod Culleton (Great Australian Party, WA Senate) — referred to federal police over an alleged false statement denying his bankruptcy

* Ross Macdonald (One Nation, Leichhardt) — racist and sexist social media posts

* Mina Zaki (Liberal, Canberra) — citizenship doubts

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The Australian Tribune with AAP

The Australian Tribune with AAP

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