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White House Says No ‘Do-Over’ of Russia Probe

Tensions between left-wing Democrats and President Donald Trump’s Republican White House are reaching the boiling point.

Democrats are intent on continuing their investigations into the President. The White House, in turn, says after more than two years enough is enough. After complying with the initial investigation, the administration is ramping up its resistance to any further legal enquiries.

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No more do-overs, says Washington

The House Judiciary panel was notified by the White House on the crackdown of requests for documents and witness testimony on Wednesday, AP reports. The White House also declared that the legislative branch have no right to a ‘do-over’ of the Mueller investigation.

It came in the form of a 12-page letter from White House counsel Pat Cipollone to the committee chairman, Democrat Jerrold Nadler, which emphasised that such requests for further investigations ‘harass’ the President.

The crackdown means current and former admin officials are not obliged to testify and that witness summons will be fought against in an effort to derail any repeat of the Russia probe.

The White House stopped just shy of invoking blanket executive privilege, only allowing small requests from Nadler if there is reasonable legislative purpose behind them.

Nadler believes aid of this crackdown, ‘This flies in the face of the American idea that no one is above the law, and I reject it’. He even went so far as to consider enforcing ‘very large’ fines to witness who don’t comply with a summons.

It seems he’ll stoop to the lowest of lows just to have a shot at shaming the President.

No evidence is the right evidence

What’s worse is that this influx of do-over requests comes from the fact that the 448-page Mueller report showed no evidence of Washington–Moscow collusion. Mueller confirmed this fact.

But it wasn’t a true answer Trump opposers were looking for — only a damaging one.

And so, Mueller’s inability to exonerate Trump of potentially impeding the investigation is the latest log to the Trump-hating fire, fuelled by ignorant naysayers who will never acknowledge Trump’s innocence no matter how much evidence they are given.

Not even the ‘exhaustive’ Mueller probe, according to Pat Cipollone, involving 2800 witness summons, 500 witness interviews and 500 executed search warrants. Or the fact that officials have deemed Mueller’s team to be ‘professional’ and ‘hard-charging’ and insisted that Mueller’s conclusions be honoured.

And so, with no investigative rights to stand on, the Judiciary panel has jumped on Attorney General William Barr’s examination into the origin of the Russia probe.

Barr gets the privilege

For his part, Barr has appointed US attorney John Durham to examine the origins of the Russia investigation and whether laws were broken to collect evidence.

The Judiciary panel voted to hold Barr in contempt of Congress after he defied the committee’s subpoena for the unredacted report. But the White House are having none of it.

When will people realise that investigations won’t be seen as productive if the only thing they’re searching for is a way to dishonour the President of the United States? Have some respect.

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