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What You Can Expect in Morrison’s First Weeks

With the federal elections fading in the rear view mirror and the Coalition now commanding a majority vote in parliament, Prime Minister Scott Morrison can return his full attention to the business at hand.

Aside from finishing up some unsettled policies, Morrison has plenty of new election promises to fulfil as well.

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Below you can see what the government will be focusing on in their immediate agenda:

First on the agenda for Scott Morrison

According to the Australian Associated Press, in the first sitting of the new Parliament, which will most likely occur before the end of next month, we can expect that the following items will be addressed, after the ministry is filled:

  1. The passing of the federal budget, which was handed down on 2 April.
  2. The passing of the income tax cut package
  3. (And one of our favourites) The overdue banning of animal activists protesting on farming property
  4. The implementation of temporary exclusion orders allowing returning foreign fighters to be placed on a watch list and probationary orders
  5. The axing of ‘medevac’ legislation and the mothballing of Christmas Island
  6. The underwriting of baseload power stations, based on a shortlist of 12
  7. A well-overdue review of the Murray-Darling water plan
  8. Details of the first dams to be rolled out under a regional water fund
  9. National action plan against domestic violence
  10. The expansion of youth mental health and suicide prevention support
  11. And finally, the guaranteeing of house deposits for first home buyers.

Climate talk absent, taxes first addressed

What may upset many disappointed voters is that the issue of climate change is not one of the first to be sent through Parliament, as many considered this the ‘climate election’. However, as Labor readdresses their stance on the issue and picks their new leader, we expect it won’t be the last we’ve heard of the issue.

However, the income tax package, which was facing a nightmare situation under Labor leadership, will be a welcome address for Australians.

More to come as we see positions filled and a starting date for the sitting parliament.

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