Trump's immigration bill

Trump All for Australian-style Immigration

There’s no question that the US are struggling with an immigration problem.

And with the plans for a border wall being halted and knocked back at every turn, US President Donald Trump is having to think of other ways to curb the sheer influx of illegal and often unqualified immigrants.

So, using Australia and New Zealand as ideal models, Trump has announced a proposal to overhaul America’s current immigration system in place of a merit-based process to acquire more highly skilled migrants.

Make them earn a place in the US

According to AAP, Trump reported in front of the White House on Thursday that the US’ current system has only 12% of legal immigrants selected based on skill or merit.

In countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand and others, that number is closer to 60 and even 70 and 75 per cent in some cases,’ he added.

In Australia, the basic requirements — before any points are calculated — for a Skilled Immigration VISA include ‘sufficient ability in the English language to work in Australia’, as well as approved skills and qualifications ‘suitable to your nominated occupation’, which much be one on the list of skilled occupations.

This is quite different to the US, where the ‘current random green card lottery’ gives low wage and low skilled workers equal chance to those with genuine qualifications.

As such, Trump intends on integrating a points system that favours ‘exceptional students’. These he has defined as English-speaking ‘younger workers’ and immigrants with ‘valuable skills’, ‘offers of employment’, and ‘advanced education’. They should also be ‘financially self-sufficient’ with concrete plans to create employment in the US.

In addition, Trump wants applicants to learn and pass a civics exam prior to being accepted in order to promote ‘integration, assimilation and national unity’.

Tossing the green card to ‘Build America’

The plan is to switch out the green card for a much more practical ‘Build America Visa’.

But while the name no doubt suggests a big shift in the quality of immigrants, Trump insists the rest will stay the same:

The White House plan makes no change to the number of green cards allocated each year, but instead of admitting people through random chance, we will establish simple universal criteria for admission to the United States.’

No matter where in the world you were born, no matter who your relatives are, if you want to become an American citizen it will be clear exactly what standard we ask you to achieve.

It will be made crystal clear.’

Equal opportunity for those willing to work for it.

Trump sure it will happen

Though there’s very little chance this proposal can get through the Democrat-controlled House of Reps who will do anything to paint Trump as a heartless, greedy monster, Trump has big plans for this proposal.

He has made no secret of his intentions to make this a major issue in the upcoming 2020 election.

We will get it approved immediately after the election when we take back the House, keep the Senate and, of course, hold the presidency,’ Mr Trump said.

It’ll be a lot more interesting than our election, no doubt.

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