Queensland Voters Swing Towards Coalition

It’s the question that classically divides socialists from capitalists.

Do you want higher tax rates in exchange for more government services…or not?

In Queensland, at least, it looks like capitalism remains in favour — with voters in the pivotal state of Queensland leaning towards the Coalition’s tax plan, according to a recent news poll.

Queensland on board with Liberal’s tax plan

With only days until voters head to the polls, the YouGov/Galaxy poll, published in the Sunday Mail, has revealed that 59% of Queensland voters (out of 848) preferred the Coalition’s plan to introduce no new taxes, over Labor’s increase in return for more government services.

It seems the voters up north see the sense of not forking out more taxpayer money for services that should already be covered. In fact, a mere 26% favoured Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s tax offering, for reasons we cannot fathom.

Now it’s just up to the rest of the nation to see some sense. Though, increased taxes are just one of the nightmares we could be seeing, according to the latest Newspoll…

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Labor slightly in the lead, Newspoll says

Currently, Labor leads just in the slightest over the Coalition, according to Monday’s Newspoll.

According to the Australia Associated Press, the results reveal Labor ahead of the Liberal/National party, 51% to 49%. This demonstrates Labor receiving 77 seats in Australia’s lower house, above the 76 needed to form a government, against 68 for the Liberals and only six for the other competing parties.

In our current setting, Labor holds 69, Liberal 73 and the other parties at eight.

Though, with similar results seen before the NSW election, which ultimately resulted in a Liberal win, these numbers represent only an estimate number. The true results we can only hope to see following Election Day on 18 May.

Meanwhile, it seems a high number of Australians are being more critical of their vote this year, with the most recent count on the ABC’s Vote Compass standing at 1,169,024 responses.

Let’s hope voters learn to read between the lies…

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

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