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Palmer’s Case for Nuclear Power

According to the World Nuclear Association, Australia has roughly 29% of the world’s known uranium reserves.

And South Australia leads the way with some of the world’s largest uranium deposits.

But even in an era of runaway energy prices and emissions reductions angst, the government has yet to embrace nuclear energy.

Clive Palmer hopes to change that.

His United Australia Party plans to build a nuclear reactor, using South Australia’s large uranium deposits, if he wins the balance of power at 18 May federal election.

Nuclear Power, cheaper cleaner and more reliable

A lot of the time when we hear the word nuclear, we tend to think worst case scenario ­— mushroom clouds and deformities.

But there’s so much better to come from investing in different forms of energy like uranium.

To start, it’s reliable and low-costing energy and if you’re worried about Australia housing some.

On Thursday, Mr Palmer reiterated similar things about the low cost and reliability of nuclear power, saying it was key to growing jobs and manufacturing.

Japan, USA, China and the rest of the world have cheap, affordable energy with zero emissions from nuclear power,’ Mr Palmer said in a first campaign stop in Adelaide on Thursday.

South Australia has the world’s largest uranium deposits but does not use it to its advantage, but exports it overseas.’

It’s better, cheaper, more reliable and it’s a win for the environment’, Clive Palmer said.

A royal commission into the issue of nuclear power was conducted by the previous South Australian Labor government.

While findings stated building a reactor to supply electricity was not viable, it did recommend that SA consider constructing a nuclear waste tip, according to AAP.

What’s needed for Palmer to win Nuclear Project?

Mr Palmer is confident that his party could hold the balance of power in the senate, which would guarantee the go ahead of the project.

We will need about five to six seats and our polling is showing we will win five to six seats pretty easily and we should be able to win more,’ he said.

Australia has had nuclear reactors for 50 years in Lucas Heights in the middle of Sydney.

There are no safety issues there, they operate every day and they’re still there.’

Mr Palmer is calling for the federal government to fund the power plant, using the Commonwealth government’s previous handling of steelworks as an example.

The Commonwealth government in 1913 provided a guaranteed establishment to SteelWorks in Whyalla and they can do it again,’ Senator Palmer said.

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  1. Finally a sensible comment from a political candidate to solve our power generation issue by going nuclear. Stop talking about it & get on with it.