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Mueller Report Read Out in House of Reps

We’ve been hearing about it a lot in the news recently, but today an official reading of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page assessment of potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has taken place.

Democrats in the US House of Representatives are conducting the 12–14-hour marathon reading to understand all that went down during the investigation.

For those who could not make it to the Capitol hearing room to listen, it was being broadcast on C-SPAN and lawmakers plan to release a podcast version, according to Reuters.

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Read for clarity

Mary Gay Scanlon, a top Democrat on the House judiciary committee, kicked off the reading, with many of her colleagues expected to take part.

One such colleague, Representative Democrat Sylvia Garcia, said the reading was happening because ‘There a lot of average people who have not seen the Mueller report.’

So this is an attempt to make sure that person who is curious, who doesn’t have the full time to dive through all this, to be able to listen to it and to understand what this is really all about.’

What it is really about is a report that tried, but failed, to peg US President Donald Trump as a falsified winner of the 2016 election because of a criminal conspiracy with Moscow.

And while the report does describe numerous, and inevitable, links between Trump’s campaign and various Russians (what with it being a world-changing election and all) no evidence of a conspiracy was found.

The world seems to understand that, as do many articles regarding the report.

But perhaps, hearing it through the voice of the Democrats will make the report sound a little more ‘clear’…or twisted.

Dems committed to bringing Trump down

Democrats had high hopes for the Mueller report to provide sure evidence against Trump that would kick him out of office. The ‘upcoming’ report was their rallying mouth-piece that fuelled their ‘just you wait’ mentality.

But it all went to sh*t when the results came in…turns out Trump won that election on his own merit.

Of course, the Democrats have refused to accept this truth, demanding an unredacted version of Mueller’s report, along with six years of Trump’s individual and business tax returns and background on decisions made by the administration on security clearances and the separation of migrant families along the US–Mexico border.

Because surely, amidst all that digging, there’s something they can use.

Naturally, Trump has sued to block a congressional subpoena for financial records from his accounting firm. And the White House has directed key staff not to co-operate with various House probes.

Because he has something to hide’, say the Democrats, oblivious to the common indecency of their demands.

Hopefully having the report out in the open will shut them up once and for all.

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