Australia's renewable energy target on track

Morrison Promises to Achieve Climate Goals and Protect Your Job

If it meant Australia taking a leading role in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, would you be willing to lose your job?

It’s not a hypothetical question. At least not according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison is confident that the ‘climate wars’ that hamstrung the Liberal Party are history. And he says his government can deliver emissions reductions of 26–28%…without costing you your job.

Within the ranks of the Coalition, clime action has been a contentious issue, with some members supporting coal-fired power and questioning the science behind climate change, as others want to see more renewable energy and emission cuts, AAP reports.

The PM said that standing by the government’s emissions target, which aims to reduce 2005 levels by 2030, is how he would lead the party.

That has been the same policy of this government since it was first articulated and has been carried through by our government,’ Mr Morrison told the National Press Club in Canberra on Thursday.

Australians don’t want us to choose between having a job and taking action on climate change.

We’re ensuring that Australia meets its global commitments in a responsible way.’

Over 60 Australian scientist are asking the government who will next come in to power to put climate action at the top of the list.

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Experts want Australia to stick by Paris Agreement

The 62 experts, which includes Nobel Prize winners and Australian of the Year recipients, such as Nobel Prize and Australian of the Year winner Peter Doherty, Australian of the year Fiona Stanley and former Premier of WA Carmen Lawrence, wrote an open letter to pollies that shows a graph of the emissions that have been rising since 2014.

The consequences of climate change are already upon us — including harsher and more frequent extreme weather, destruction of natural ecosystems, severe property damage and a worldwide threat to human health,’ they wrote.

The solutions are all available to address climate change, all that is missing is the political will.’

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising, moving the country further away from its Paris Agreement obligations,’ the letter says.

Whichever party wins government on Saturday, urgent action on climate change must be a top priority for the 46th parliament of Australia.’

This federal election has seen climate change emerge as a major issue for voters. We’ve seen school children protest in the streets for action.

Both major parties have had to show their climate policies before Election Day, with the Liberal Party claiming that their target is more economically viable compare to Labor’s plan.

Labor has been harassed due to the cost of its target of 45% emission reduction on 2005 levels by 2030, AAP reports.

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