Minister to Capitalise on Coalition’s ‘Energy Mandate’

Despite the Coalition’s resounding victory in the federal elections, the climate hysterics continue apace.

Fortunately, the government is now in a position to ignore the extremist fringe and focus on delivering reliable affordable energy to Aussie households and businesses. All while remaining on track to meet the nation’s emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor is set to revive laws urging power companies to cut wholesale prices and guarantee supply.

It is our policy, we took it to the election, it has been through the partyroom, and it has been introduced to parliament,’ he told The Australian on Wednesday.

According to AAP, Mr Taylor said it was no surprise the ‘big stick’ legislation is an important for when parliament returns in July.

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‘Energy Mandate’ labelled ‘draconian, extreme and arbitrary’

The power industry has labelled the energy mandate as labelled draconian, extreme and arbitrary, AAP reports. This gives the federal government unparalleled powers to break up power companies.

Now that the coalition has the majority government, it’s again trying to pass its legislation since failing to do so in March.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan, who was kept afloat by the coalition’s re-election, also snagged a mandate for coal-fired power.

The government will progress investments in coal-fired power,’ he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

That was what we took to the election, it was a key part of our policy package in North Queensland — that we would look at building a coal-fired power station in North Queensland.’

New Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has hit back at the government’s plans to support new power generation nationwide.

We actually live in a market economy — we don’t live in a state-controlled economy,’ he said.

‘Energy Mandate’ not concerned with reducing emissions

Senator Canavan is calling for state governments in Victoria and NSW to open up more gas fields — which he says will stop further energy price hikes for households and manufacturers.

This has caused many people to wonder whether the government is serious about reducing emissions.

According to AAP, Energy companies have revolted at the minister’s refusal to ‘revive the National Energy Guarantee, and have challenged him to explain how Australia will meet its international climate targets.

They argued that Mr Taylor will need to show how emission reductions will be integrated into Australia’s energy policy.

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  1. If the Government is serious about base load power supply & the cost of power they would build nuclear power stations & retain ownership of them just as they do with water now. The UK & Europe have used this source for generations now & we have the raw material. For all those leftie tree huggers who got their way when Labour was in power & banned the use of uranium in Australia, this Government needs to repeal the legislation. The lefties claim it is dangerous, so just how many issues have there been with Lucas Heights reactor in Sydney, bugger all.