Labor Mulls Its Anti-Christian Stigma

Freedom of religion means different things to different people.

Balancing Australians’ rights to freely practice the religion they believe in while protecting other Aussies with essential anti-discrimination policies is no easy feat. And as the federal election recently highlighted, getting the balance wrong can see voters turn against you.

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen believes many Australians of faith don’t think Labor cares about them, admitting this is part of his motivation to leave the race for the party’s next leader.

Bowen admits Labor is disconnected from people of faith

As the Australian Associated Press reports, Bowen’s thoughts stem from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) describing the coalition’s win as a win for religious freedom.

The policy difference between the two major parties on religious freedom was very clear,’ ACL managing director Martyn Iles said.

One area of difference rests in the issue of faith-based schools, where the Coalition supports the teaching and maintaining of rules consistent with the faith of the institution, but Labor only accepts ‘reasonable’ practices to be taught.

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As such, Bowen told reporters in Sydney:

I have noticed as I have been around during the election campaign and even in the days since … how often it has been raised with me that people of faith no longer feel that progressive politics cares about them.

These are people with a social conscience, who want to be included in the progressive movement.

We need to tackle this urgently. I think this is an issue from the federal election that we haven’t yet focused on.’

Labor MP Anthony Chisholm disagrees, believing the party’s loss was more a failure of ‘economic reassurance and ensuring Queenslanders understand that we will be responsible economic managers.’

Yeah, there’s that as well.

Shorten’s homophobic campaign play

During the weeks of campaigning, ex-Labor leader Bill Shorten politicised Morrison’s faith by attacking the Prime Minister’s ‘delayed’ response to controversial rugby player Israel Folau.

Shorten twisted Morrison’s initial silence towards questions about Folau’s behaviour as an admittance that he agrees with Folau in that homosexuals should go to hell.

Shorten has since denied such pushing of the truth, instead believing Morrison should have made it clear from the get-go that he didn’t believe gay people are hell-bound.

Because that’s something that needs clarifying, not the definition of ‘reasonable’ practices, apparently.

In a haphazard backtrack, Shorten told ABC’s 7:30 program:

I do respect the right to religious freedom. I do respect freedom of speech.

But I also respect that just as religion is part of someone’s identity, so is their sexuality.’

So what does it mean when these two things collide then?

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  1. Labor doesn’t mind placating other religious groups like Islam and always lectures others about tolerance and to stop criticising Islam etc. Hypocrites and is why I no longer vote Labor. All Religious groups have a right to say things how they see it, it’s called preaching isn’t it? None should be singled out. Three main monotheistic religions anyway… All worship the same one GOD and acknowledge the same Prophets but have different bibles and scriptures and war against one another. What a brilliant concept that is. That’s my freedom of speech in saying such.
    Peace out.

  2. So, to Mr Shorten, religion and sexuality are parallel traits in humanity. Being short changed by Nature and one’s sexuality came out unPlaned, has nothing to do with one’s perception of Creation. Sexuality is a mixup of genetic imperfections. For now there is nothing we can do about it. The worst thing homosexuals can do about it is to say that, it is their orientation.Yeah, sure…
    On religion: I was a problem to my dear mother. She was very religious and wanted us to regularly pray. I used to object, saying that I’d rather talk to God in my own words, and not parrot some prayer. She was not sure how to deal with me, and I am sorry making her upbringing of me that much harder.
    But hey, adult and seemingly serious people think that there is HELL?! And that people who are not to their approval will be sent to hell, by their God! Can one seriously think that they should be taken seriously? Ponder this: Such people will tell us that their God is the Creator. Their own attributes of God are: Immense love and unquestionable forgiveness. Yet, through the other corner of their mouths they accuse God of such unGodliness. Such people are thumping their pulpit explaining Got yet, they, and even our science have no clue how our own Minds work . Just to stir those who go out of the circle.
    Joe L