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UK Chain Spruiks Ultra-Politically Correct ‘Gingerbread Person’

The march to stamp out gender identity is picking up pace across the Western world.

In the UK, the politically correct brigade has pushed the issue beyond humans and into the world of baked goods.

According to Britain’s Supermarket Co-op, apparently gingerbread men — who to the best of our knowledge have always appeared rather gender neutral — can leave some of their customers feeling excluded.

Hence the chain’s plans to sell a…drum roll please…‘gingerbread person’.

We suspect they may find an eager — if small — market in Tasmania, which this week became the first state to make gender optional on birth certificates.

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Gingerbread person needs inclusive name

As PAA reports, Co-op is setting up a competition with customers to help name their new gender-neutral gingerbread person.

The supermarket will make a shortlist of the best contenders and from there will make their final decision.

The actual design of the gingerbread person is yet to be finalised. One possible design of the human-shaped biscuit is a smiling face sporting a grey tunic.

About its look, a Co-op representative said:

Inclusion and diversity lie at the heart of Co-ops values and we’re looking to create a character which can be used to celebrate different occasions through the year and will appeal to all our customers.’

So far, they’ve mentioned Christmas and Halloween icing outfits. So just the Western holidays then…where’s the ‘inclusion’ in that?

Looks like they’ve got their work cut out for them designing outfits for any possible occasion ever. Good luck.

How far do we go with political correctness?

The competition is currently going ahead and will run until 1 May.

Twitter has already seen a flood of responses, a lot of which are calling out the senselessness of this gender-neutral idea.

One shopper has taken the mickey out of the whole competition, arguing ‘the rights of the gingerbread should be taken into account, do we know how it feels about having its current identity unilaterally taken and another imposed without prior consultation?

Another suggested doing something a little more productive with this new biscuit invention, such as making it ‘100% recyclable’.

Still ridiculous, but certainly more effective than trying to find a name that isn’t offensive to anyone. Good luck with that, as well.

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