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Trump Would Benefit from Impeachment Proceedings

Like water off a duck’s back, every effort by President Donald Trump’s opponents to smear him slides right off.

The implosion of what the mainstream had hoped would be an explosive report from Robert Mueller on Russian collusion was only the latest example.

As Trump had long said, there was no collusion.

Not that this is stopping the Trump haters from pressing ahead with further efforts to tarnish the president. Some on the far-left are even clinging to their impeachment dreams.

But any efforts to rekindle that dream could secure Trump’s tenure, rather than weaken it.

That’s according to former New York mayor and Trump’s current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani stated that impeachment proceedings in the House could boost the president a political lift before the 2020 election, painting him as a ‘victim’ of Democratic overreach, DPA reports.

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Impeachment not a threat to presidency

Giuliani said in a phone interview with the New York Daily News that he didn’t expect Congress to introduce impeachment hearings as a reply to Robert Mueller’s report becoming public.

However, he argued that should Trump be impeached, it would help the president in the future.

They can do it if they want to,’ Giuliani said of Democrats.

Would it politically be the best thing that could happen to the president? Absolutely.’

According to Giuliani, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows of the hazards of impeaching Trump.

She’s worried about it because it’s going to make the president look like a victim,’ Giuliani said. ‘If they start an impeachment, the American people will quickly see it’s a political witch hunt and it would make the president a victim.’

The comments from the New York mayor came only hours prior to Pelosi’s expected conference call with House Democrats on the Mueller report and the prospect of impeachment.

There is a number of Democrats seriously considering impeachment as an option due to Mueller’s refusal to vindicate Trump of impeding the investigation regarding his 2016 campaign ties to Russia.

Impeachment would hurt Democrats

His report was released last Thursday, and in it Mueller proposed that Congress should think of taking action against Trump as it relates to impediment, and as DPA put it ‘a punt that some Democrats interpreted as an impeachment recommendation.’

However, Democratic leaders, including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer have warned against removing the president from office, claiming it could backfire because the GOP-controlled Senate is near-certain to turn down any articles of impeachment passed by the House, DPA reports.

Giuliani agrees with Hoyer, impeaching the president would harm congressional Democrats and whoever challenges Trump at the next election.

The New York mayor recognised that the report didn’t falter Trump. Mueller painted the president as liar, who continuously attempted to undermine the investigation into his campaign.

Giuliani repeated comments he made on news shows the night prior that Trump accepting help from Russia ahead of the 2016 election wasn’t a crime.

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