The Future of the Adani Mine

The Adani coalmine got its tick of approval from the Coalition government yesterday.

Labor still refuse to take a stand, remaining on the fence until they see what the Queensland state government decide.

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So where does the mine currently stand?

Well, Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price signed off on an environmental plan that helps put Adani closer to getting its Carmichael coalmine up and running in central Queensland.

Price claims the CSIRO and Geoscience Australia are of the understanding that the company’s amended plans for how it manages groundwater resources meet scientific requirements, the Australian Associated Press reports.

The decision comes only weeks before the federal election, and comes after reports that she was feeling pressured from her colleagues to give the plans a tick prior to the vote.

Both the Greens and environmentalists have reacted furiously to the news.

They believe the government has given in to Adani’s pressure and that Price has succumbed to the bullies in her own party, according to AAP.

What’s the next step?

There are still nine plans awaiting approval from the federal or state government.

Two of the plans need approval from the Queensland government before the coal mine may proceed. As for the other seven, they depend on the mine attaining operational milestones.

One of the plans is a management plan for groundwater dependent ecosystems, and as we stated above, Price says that she has signed off on it.

The second plan concerns how the mine manages the impact on the Black-Throated Finch, an endangered bird.

Only time will tell the outcome of the mine.

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