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Strong Economy and Services Bolster Morrison’s Campaign

With the federal election only five weeks off, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is keen to remind voters of his government’s achievements.

Some may argue there’s not much of a difference between the two competitors, in the possibility of the political pendulum swinging either way. And it’s true — both Shorten and Morrison are but a year and a day apart in age, have similar credentials and entered politics at the same time, during the 2007 election.

That is, they’re similar on paper. But their policies are polar opposites.

Despite the sudden and not-so-unexpected change in leadership with the exiting of Malcolm Turnbull last year, ScoMo has made progress. Even if it has been slow, falling into the relief teacher role of PM and cleaning up previous mistakes has been a challenge.

Below are some of the challenges they’ve taken head on, and succeeded with.

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A strong economy for all

Firstly, ScoMo has boosted the government’s commitment to maintaining a strong economy. The release of their budget surplus for 2019/20 — being the first surplus in a decade — earned applause when released. Additionally, they’ve shown commitment to low unemployment rates, an increase of jobs across Australia and tax cuts for those who need it most.

Mr Morrison said recently,

Keeping our economy strong is how we secure your future and your family’s future. Keeping our economy strong ensures that we can secure your wage, your job, your business and, importantly, the business you are going to work for today.

Strong border security

The Coalition has made it clear that under a Labor government, the approach to national security would be weakened — making Australia’s borders more accessible.

Whereas Operation Sovereign Borders would only increase under continued leadership, according to the Coalition — appealing to a number of voters worried about the growing number of asylum seekers landing on Australian shores, AAP reports:

We will keep Australians safe as Liberal National governments always do, and we will keep our borders secure, as you know we will.

Funding for essential services

An increase in government funding for schools, hospitals, medicine, aged and disability care, and road infrastructure is something most Australians are seeking.

The recent announcement of the royal commission into disability by Scott Morrison is something that has been anticipated by many. The initial questioning of why this sector received lesser attention during the budget has been since comforted by the official addressing of the issue. Aged care may be quick to follow as similar offences cross over.

However, the Coalition is confident and proud of the funding which has been distributed across these services.

All of these are now at record levels of funding that only a strong economy can guarantee into the future, not higher taxes.’

A fair go for those who have a go

In his time as treasurer, Morrison aimed to revaluate the use of the welfare system — making sure that those who needed help received the highest government assistance, not just for those wanting a free ride at the expense of others.

Now standing as Prime Minister, this same ambition has been translated into ‘a fair go for those who have a go’ — rewarding innovation and contribution with wiggle room.

Part of the promise that we all keep, as Australians, is that we make a contribution and don’t seek to take one.

Scott Morrison and his government have until the 18 May to convince voters as they go toe to toe with Labor.

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