Witch hunt

Ridiculous! Far Left Clinging to Debunked Mueller Report

 The witch hunt intended to lay the groundwork to impeach US President Donald Trump was an embarrassing flop for the alt-left. One which cost US taxpayers roughly US$35 million (AU$49 million) and led to deep and dangerous partisan divisions within the world’s last superpower.

The only victory for Trump’s opponents was the two years of bad press the President received during Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election. Mainstream media outlets across the world were too happy to run daily front-page stories — and they were a little more than stories — ruminating on Trump’s possible guilt.

Until, that is, special counsel Robert Mueller’s exhaustive report fully exonerated Trump on the collusion charges.

But the alt-left, desperate to vilify the sitting president at any cost, just can’t let the non-story go. And anti-Trump media like The New York Times are gamely playing along.

Let it go, find another cause

Their headline, as reprinted in today’s Age, reads ‘Claims Trump Findings Twisted’. And it’s based on little more than hearsay from disgruntled Democrats.

Now US Attorney-General William Barr finds himself having to defend his handling of Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation.

It has been found that the report was not released immediately to the public for the reasoning of holding confidential and sensitive grand jury material. Instead, a four-page summary on the report was released.

And while it cleared Trump’s name from the allegations, it did not completely exonerate him.

Nevertheless, the full details are being demanded, by non-believers — hoping to see him guilty of obstructing justice — and Trump, alike.

And it’s due for release by mid-April this year, with added redactions.

Report to be released this month

On Wednesday, House Democrats approved the order for Mueller’s entire report, as well as any other underlying evidence existing that the Justice Department may have withheld.

The document — which runs over 400 pages — could contain additional and significant information raised by the special counsel’s office but not immediately given to the attorney general, AP reports.

Given the extraordinary public interest in the matter, the Attorney-General decided to release the report’s bottom-line findings and his conclusions immediately — without attempting to summarise the report — with the understanding that the report itself would be released after the redaction process,’ a statement from the Justice Department said.

The report is currently still under review for redactions before it can be released to Congress and the public.

William Barr has since revealed that both he and Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney-General, concluded that Mueller’s evidence was not strong enough to employ an obstruction allegation against Trump.

However, while it had been previously stated that the detailing of the report was not intended to be released in a gradual form, it was stressed that the summary was not an ‘exhaustive recounting’ of the events.

Once it does become public, we are sure to see whether the President has held true to his word — and did not meddle with the Russia investigation.

Ready to be proven right, once again.

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