David Leyonhjelm

NSW Nanny State Intact as Leyonhjelm Misses Out

The battle to take down the nanny state in New South Wales has suffered a setback as former senator David Leyonhjelm missed out on a seat in the state’s upper house.

The Liberal Democrats’ Leyonhjelm campaigned on smaller government, lower taxes, and greater personal freedoms and responsibilities.

Leyonhjelm had already updated his Twitter bio to state he was a member of the state parliament. But soon after the last preferences were handed out on Monday afternoon he was forced to change his profile from ‘NSW MLC for the Liberal Democrats’ to ‘former senator’.

The two One Nation upperhouse MPs will join a range of crossbenchers holding the balance of power in the state’s Legislative Council, AAP reports.

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One Nation gets final seat

The final seat went to One Nation candidate Rod Roberts, a former detective from Goulburn.

Roberts joins former Federal Labour Leader and NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham at Macquarie Street when parliament starts up again in May.

Stating that his experience investigating murders and kidnappings would be useful when negotiating with other politicians.

Roberts told reports just after he’d been elected that he has ‘lots of experience in negotiating certain things’.

When asked if he was content that the state election happened prior to the news that party officials tried to get political donations from the NRA in the US, he answered ‘Yes and no.’

The general public would have seen through that, as to what it was and there was no, pardon the pun, smoking gun,’ Mr Roberts said.

Those gentlemen probably didn’t behave professionally but I think they were enticed into that position.’

Animal Justice Party candidate, Emma Hurst won the second last seat. She is a former media officer for PETA, the animal rights group.

Banning battery-caged eggs was at the top of her plan, she said. She also stated that she wants her party to help stop live animal exports after the federal election.

The people of NSW have spoken and animal cruelty is a big issue and it’s something we want to see an end to — Australians love animals,’ Ms Hurst told reporters.

Greens worried over One Nation win

Greens MP David Shoebridge is thankful that Leyonhjelm didn’t nab an upper house seat, but remains worried that NSW elected two One Nation members.

There is now a danger we will see an increased rhetoric on race and division and it’s every politician’s job to minimise that,’ Mr Shoebridge told reporters.

It’s fair to say NSW dodged a bullet by not having David Leyonhjelm elected.’

Leyonhjelm told AAP only 10 days prior to the Christchurch terror attacks that Australia should adopt New Zealand-type gun laws.

Shoebridge also noted his disappointment that his party had lost a seat as Justin Field quit the Greens to become an independent this month.

The Coalition government won eight out of 21 upper house seats available at the 23 March election, Labor won seven.

The Legislative Council now includes 17 Coalition MPs, 14 Labor MPs and an 11-member crossbench, comprising of three Greens.

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  1. “The Liberal Democrats’ Leyonhjelm campaigned on smaller government, lower taxes, and greater personal freedoms and responsibilities.”
    David should have left off the “Responsibilities’ bit. Australian voters ain’t that smart.