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Hanson to Face Defamation Case

United Australia Party senator Brian Burston has finally launched a defamation case against One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and former staffer Wendy Leach after the highly publicised accusations of sexual harassment and mistreatment.

This development comes after Senator Burston continued to deny any and all allegations made against him by Ms Leach and upheld by Senator Hanson.

According to Burston,‘Defamatory and false statements’ were also used, and will now be assessed within court.

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Burston confident court will rule in his favour

In the court case that will soon assess the charges, Senator Burston said he will be seeking ‘substantial damages’ from the two women after the dramatic effect the rumours have had on his professional and personal life.

Mr Burston told AAP on Wednesday,

I have no recourse but to pursue damages to bring Ms Leach and Ms Hanson to account for these reckless and plainly false comments clearly designed to cause me personal, professional and political damage.

These statements have caused me extreme embarrassment and humiliation. These allegations have strained my relationships with my family, friends and professional colleagues.

And while no comment has yet been made by Ms Hanson, it is suspected one will shoot back soon with welcome for the case, Ms Hanson being no stranger to controversy.

No start date for court assessment has been made, but The Australian Tribune will keep you up to date with reports.

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