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Greens ‘Hyper-Partisanship’ Sees Another MP Jump Ship

Division. Disloyalty. Hyper-partisanship. A winner-takes-all approach.

New South Wales Greens upper house MP, Justin Field, had very little positive to say about his former party, saying he is quitting the Greens to sit as an independent because of rampant internal division.

His decision was announced via an online post on Friday, and we can’t say we’re surprised. After countless members leaving the party for bullying, it’s a marvel nobody’s woken up to take responsibility for change.

Or maybe, this will be it. And just in time for the election…

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Goodbye, Justin Field

An ideological opposition to working with any one side of politics is pointless when it manifestly fails to deliver outcomes and will ultimately empower the Shooters and One Nation,’ Mr Field said in his farewell statement.

His leave comes after three years in parliament, following the death of Greens MP, John Kaye.

And while he plans to remain as an independent in the Legislative Council, his days of Greens membership are well and truly over — and seemingly, not regretted.

Instead, Mr Field is planning to campaign against coal mining, push for action on climate change and for marine conservation — for the things that matter, more than internal reform.

Additionally, Mr Field has raised concerns regarding the NSW election results from March — in that the Shooters, Farmers and Fishers party could be put with One Nation in the ‘box seat’ of the upper house, the Australian Associated Press reports.

But while he condemns the Greens for their poor work environment, there are some that aren’t sad to see him go.

In fact, there are some who believe he should resign from parliament altogether — including NSW Greens co-convenor, Rochelle Flood.

Some will say I am only in this position because of the work of thousands of Greens members and I should, therefore, resign from parliament if I am no longer a Greens member,’ he said.

Many who supported me in the job have left the party for many of the same reasons I have, and I intend to honour my commitment to them and the NSW community.

Mr Field will join One Nation’s Mark Latham on the crossbench.

Division in politics real, and a problem

Justin Field has come out and said that the reasoning for the rise in independent members was due to the division and incapacity for political parties to work together.

Which is no shocker, of course. But with the rise in withdrawals from the Greens party, it could be soon incredibly difficult for them to salvage their image.

The decision count for the Legislative Council is still in motion — which could yet include Liberal Democrat and ex-senator David Leyonhjelm.

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