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GetUp Won’t Halt Left-wing Campaigning for Easter

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Bill Shorten have agreed not to campaign for the 18 May federal election during the Easter holidays.

But left-wing lobby group GetUp! won’t give Australians even that brief respite from their political lobbying campaign.

In February, the Australian Electoral Commission ruled that GetUp! is not associated with any political party. Yet GetUp Chief Paul Oosting said over the weekend that, ‘Our approach is to remove the hard right.’ And they’re spending millions targeting Coalition candidates.

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‘It’s a free country,’ Getup! says

The group’s refusal to step down for the religious holiday has caused Mr Shorten to write to the prime minister to push for the cease of their campaigning — saying Easter should be respected, and that Anzac Day is just as sacred to Australia.

But Mr Morrison replied with a roll of his eyes.

Bill and I agree about that,’ Mr Morrison told reporters in Sydney on Saturday.

Will Bill tell his mates in the union movement to pull their heads in and do the same? It’s fine for Bill to say he won’t do it. It makes his commitment to this quite hollow.

But, as they say, there is no rest for the wicked. And if they’d rather stand on the empty streets during the Good days, so let them. ScoMo has bigger things to worry about.

I can’t make everyone else do things…they’re independent.

Small, but loud

The GetUp! Group is not aligned with any party, and instead is aiming to sway people in certain electorates from voting hard right, AAP reports.

They hosted a party last week, with only three attendees, but it didn’t dishearten them from making their views heard to those brave enough to show up.

And with no notion of slowing down over the Easter holiday, expect to hear a lot more of them.

That is, unless they get the message before then.

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  1. Interesting observation ‘hard right’…Getup attack anyone who is centre right and onwards…why give credence to their vitriol and lack of respect to differing opinions by ‘agreeing’ to their thought pattern!