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Why One Nation Wants an Aboriginal Ancestry Test

It’s a highly sensitive issue. But that hasn’t stopped One Nation from pressing ahead.

In an era where some states allow people to legally change their sexual identity with less hassle than registering a new vehicle, the question of racial identity — and what it takes to claim to be of a specific race — is increasingly important.

DNA testing to help stop welfare rorters

In New South Wales, One Nation would like to introduce DNA testing of those claiming to be of Aboriginal ancestry, AAP reports.

Mark Latham, the state party leader, claims this could help stop ‘welfare rorters’, as well as ‘self-identification’.

We will tighten the eligibility rules for Aboriginal identity to require DNA evidence of at least 25 per cent Indigenous — the equivalent of one fully Aboriginal grandparent,’ the party said in a policy document ahead of the 23 March state election.

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  1. It’s only a sensitive issue to those who claim to be Aboriginal while certainly not looking anything like it and gaining benefit from the generous welfare system. There should be a cut off point, otherwise anyone can essentially claim to be Aboriginal or Islander decent… And I know there are some who do despite not even being born in Australia! So how’s them apples?!

    1. The current mantra being speiled by the “Aboriginal” community in Tasmania is that being Aborigine is not a matter of birth, skin colour or DNA, it is a state of mind, – you are an Aborigine because you choose to identify as such. I have witnessed very senior of their spokes people say just this on TV and radio interviews.

  2. Thank you Australian Tribune for the gutsy news you publish as an alternative to the Left Wing mantra of the ABC and SMH journalists. I also appreciate the advent of Sky News with its courageous commentators giving genuine alternative views from many directions.