Why China’s Taiwan Threats Should Alarm You

When a nation of 23 million people declares itself to be an independent country, are they?

Not according to the Chinese government. And the prospects of a military invasion of the island nation remain very real.

That scenario is alarming enough. But if China is willing to use its rapidly expanding military powers to invade and occupy independent countries like Taiwan, you have to wonder what nations may be next on the hit list.

In the latest escalation, China claims that efforts by Taiwan’s government to stop its aim of bringing the self-governing island under the control of Beijing is similar to ‘stretching out an arm to block a car.’

China prepared to use force to control Taiwan

According to AP, the new verbal attack was propelled late Tuesday against the Taiwanese President Tsai Ying-wen after her statement regarding guidelines to refute China’s ‘one country, two systems’ framework for political unification with Taiwan.

The comment from the spokesman for the Chinese Cabinet’s Affairs Office, An Fengshan, accused Tsai of hurting affairs between the sides and using the prosperity of the Taiwanese people as a ‘poker chip’ for electoral advances.

China says that if necessary, Taiwan will be brought under control by force.

Tsai, who was elected in 2016, faces re-election next year.

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. When the Communists of China defeated, the former government under, what’s his name, Shek? Taiwan was (to my understanding) a part of China, where the ousted government fled.
    The communist revolution/ war thus has not finished. That there is no fighting, yet, does not mean that the war had finished, because the victor is not satisfied until the vanquished is either, defeated by force, or they surrender unconditionally.
    But , where does that leave the population of Taiwan? They seemingly did not have a say initially, but as far as we know, the majority would rather keep the communist system out. Will that count? Hardly.
    The tragedy is that China will do untold destruction of life and property to just get it Its way. On the other hand; Taiwanese government, will be implicit by standing up to China, by not surrounding, knowing that they can not stop It. Or would they risk broader conflict, if America would be foolish enough to enter the conflict?
    Joe L