Trade war resolution on Trump's to-do list

Trump Plays It Cool on China Trade Deal

US President Donald Trump is living up to his title of ‘master of the deal’.

After months of punishing tariffs and painstaking negotiations, China has agreed to meet a number of Trump’s demands to level the playing field on international trade. But the Chinese aren’t going far enough yet.

So Trump is kicking his feet up on the desk and playing the waiting game. One that will almost certainly see the Chinese return to the table with better offers on issues like intellectual property rights. A notorious sore spot for Western companies doing business in China.

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Trump sitting back and waiting for China to comply

While the US President decided not to increase tariffs on Chinese goods at the beginning of this month, as an act of good sport on both sides, he’s standing strong on his demands.

However, he said that the issue of intellectual property protection would have to be included in part of the finalised deal.

And Trump believes his most recent meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will influence President Xi Jinping to settle.

I think President Xi saw that I’m somebody that believes in walking when the deal is not done, and you know there’s always a chance it could happen and he probably wouldn’t want that,’ Trump said.

According to RAW, it was expected that the Chinese and American presidents would hold a summit at his Florida property this month, but no date has yet been set for a meeting.

Further, no in-person talks between their trade teams have been held, and China is yet to make a public comment confirming any kind of meeting.

Regardless, Trump is standing strong. He is in no rush to complete a trade pact and believes China has more of an interest to settle, after suffering from US tariffs on its goods.

Trump confident for success

And in his usual confidence, Trump believes he will have the trade war resolved ahead of a presidential meeting, or rather completed in person.

We could do it either way. We could have the deal completed and come and sign, or we could get the deal almost completed and negotiate some of the final points. I would prefer that,’ he said.

This move would definitely win him some favour in the lead up to an election.

However, despite the lack of confirmation from China, Trump believes a meeting is still likely.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether his predictions of the future stack up.

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