School Climate Strikers ‘Defy Common Sense’

The climate warriors want your kids. They want them to be scared. And they want them to march in lockstep with their own left-wing beliefs.

Prodded onwards by the group School Strike 4 Climate Australia, nearly 40,000 students cut school last Friday to participate in orchestrated strikes around the country.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was not impressed, according to AAP. And, in an interview with 2GB radio on Thursday, Dutton discussed ‘how stupid this debate’s gotten’, with many climate striker arguments ‘defying common sense’.

Australia needs coal

Calling in to the Ray Hadley Morning Show, Dutton defended his stance on coal power, which is one of — if not, the — strongest sector of the Aussie economy.

Our towns in Queensland cannot survive without mining,’ he said, ‘We have some of the most efficient coal in the world’.

Dutton then brought up Labor’s 45% renewables target, arguing that it is an unrealistic attempt to ‘de-industrialise the country’…a feat that ‘will cost tens of thousands of jobs…it will kill business’.

Ray Hadley himself was even moved to give his two cents on the validity of the no-coal argument:

‘[I]n the immediate future…we will need coal-fired power…it’s inescapable, it doesn’t matter what you think the future holds for us…if we don’t have it, we sit in the dark’.

Tell that to the kids

It’s at this point when the Strike 4 Climate activities came up, with Dutton insisting the teachers explain just how dependent our country is on coal before sending them out to protest.

Let the teachers tell their students that and go out on strike — but their mobile phones aren’t being charged,’ he said.

Right now, that is the reality of a coal-less country. Thousands of miners out of work, exorbitant taxes on livestock and petrol prices to compensate for the lack of energy, and a whole lot of darkness.

It would be interesting to see how many kids tweeted about their strike experience…and how many of them realised how hypocritical that would’ve been.

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