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Morrison Sharpens Message on ‘Envy Taxes’

The 17th Century British Author Thomas Draxe wrote that, ‘A man shall never be enriched by envy.’

Some 2,100 years earlier, Greek philosopher Herodotus noted that, ‘It is better to be envied than to be pitied.’

Both men hit the nail on the head there. And Prime Minister Scott Morrison is hoping his own message on envy versus aspiration will strike home with voters.

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The real divider between Labor and Liberal

According to AAP, during his deliverance of the Sir Robert Menzies Lecture in Melbourne yesterday — signifying 75 years of the Liberal Party and 70 years since Menzies unseated the federal Labor government — Mr Morrison brought to light what he believes to be the key difference he saw between the major political parties.

Namely, it being a battle of aspiration and envy.

He said Labor had a plan for $200 billion worth of ‘envy taxes’.

Morrison said during his speech,

A stronger economy with lower taxes under my government or a weaker one with higher taxes under Bill Shorten and Labor; a safer Australia under the coalition or a nation with weak borders under Bill Shorten and Labor.

A united people or a Labor Party under Bill Shorten that thrives on conflict in our community, setting Australians against Australians.

He additionally singled out Clive Palmer — saying only ‘populists’ name a party after themselves, something Menzies did not do.

Instead he reached out and based a party on enduring truths.

Mr Palmer had recently swapped the original name of Palmer United Party for the ‘United Australia Party’.

One could probably strike up a few similarities between his ‘Make Australia Great’ campaign with a familiar campaign in the US…

‘Quiet Australians’ just want secure jobs

Interestingly, the prime minister attempted to bring people back to reality with a small story from the summer holidays…

During his speech, Mr Morrison shared the details of a simple meal of fish and chips he shared with some ‘quiet Australians’ at The Shoalhaven Heads Hotel, on the southern coast of NSW.

He said these people didn’t have time for ‘arm bands and trolling people on Twitter’. Nor, we believe, do they even use social media.

Mr Morrison said these were merely people that wanted secure jobs, their incomes to keep up with the cost of living, to be treated fairly, and for politicians to keep their spending under control.

Not much to ask, but unfortunately so far out of reach.

They will have their challenges, but they maintain a refreshing and positive outlook on life thankful that whatever they are facing they know they are ahead because they are facing it as an Australian in Australia,’ he said.

And it’s true. We are in a lucky country. Though we have plenty of room for improvement, we have plenty enough to be thankful for.

And the little people understand that.

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