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Leyonhjelm Pledges to Overthrow NSW Nanny State

The Liberal Democrats are mobilising. New South Wales’ only libertarian party has revealed a swathe of freedom fighters who will contest the state election.

Fresh from the Senate, David Leyonhjelm is running as the Lead Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the Upper House. With him on the Legislative Council ticket is his long-term senior adviser Duncan Spender and freedom-loving Central Coast mother of two Codie Neville.

Ten freedom fighters will also contest Lower House seats across the state.

Overthrowing the nanny state, cutting red tape and slashing the size of the monster that is the NSW Government is the mission of our freedom fighters,’ Mr Leyonhjelm said.

We are all committed to defending and fighting for the principles of freedom, less taxes and smaller government.’

After increasing our representation four-fold with our success in the recent Victorian election, complementing our seat in the WA Upper House and mine in the Senate, the Liberal Democrats are fast becoming the minor party of choice for Australians fed up with the government telling us what to do,’ Mr Leyonhjelm explained.

As I pledged when announcing my resignation from the Senate and NSW election tilt, I intend to pursue my passion for free choice in my home state,’he said. ‘I can fight the nanny state head-on in the NSW Upper House.’

The Liberal Democrats have released a full suite of policies including withdrawing NSW from the failing Murray-Darling Basin Plan, legalising the sport of Airsoft, making pepper spray available for self-defence, updating speeding laws, and funding schools and hospitals via vouchers.

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