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Labor’s $6.2 Billion Increased Refugee Intake Policy Ridiculed

Australia’s annual refugee intake levels are among the world’s most generous.

Every year Australians open the door to 18,750 genuine refugees. In comparison to New Zealand, for example, which only takes in 1,000.

But Australians’ current generosity isn’t enough to satisfy the left wing elements driving the Labor party. Despite costings from the Finance Department showing that lifting the annual humanitarian intake to 32,000 would cost an extra $6.2 billion, Labor is standing by its plan.

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The analysis, which covers settlement, welfare and health costs, was quoted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He criticised Labor’s plans to increase Australia’s refugee intake, stating that the country ‘would be paying for it for decades’.

The great risk here is that it will cost taxpayers $6 billion and put at risk the services already experiencing pressure under the current program,’ Mr Morrison told The Australian on Friday.

The long-term calculations are built on the federal opposition’s policy to elevate the refugee intake from 18,750 to 27,000 per year by 2025.

The policy expects that the extra 5,000 places are to be funded by churches, community groups and councils, AAP reports.

Labor prioritising refugees over farmers

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese slammed the ‘nonsense’ costings.

It shows yet again the government isn’t focused on governing, it’s focused on putting out these nonsense reports,’ he told Sky News.

Usually it gets found out that Treasury and Finance and no one has anything to do with them, and they were done on the back of a Wheaties packet.

I don’t know why they just talk about billions. Why don’t they talk about trillions, given they just make stuff up all the time?

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann backed the costings and debated that the Labor Party was putting refugees before farmers.

These are completely misplaced priorities, this is not in touch with what the Australian people want their government to do,’ Senator Cormann said.

The Australian people want their government to support drought-stricken farmers.’

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