Labor Warned on ‘Economy Wrecking’ Emissions Call

Both major Australian parties agree on the importance of properly addressing Australia’s carbon emissions, as well as the wider pollution issues.

However, they diverge strongly when it comes to how to meet Australia’s international commitments without sending the economy into a tailspin.

And while the tree-huggers and uninformed carbon-bashers are pushing for a drastic solution, Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has a dire warning.

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‘Apocalyptic’ Australian under Labor rule

According to AAP, while Labor is promising the Australian public a carbon emission reduction of 50% by 2030, Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor says this could result in an ‘apocalyptic’ Australia.

It’s a more impressive figure to many, compared with the coalition’s goal of a 26–28% reduction in the same timeframe. However they are expecting to meet their Paris targets, in part through a 15% reduction from carryover credits.

Of course, Labor has criticised the move, although they are yet to decide whether they will do the same to meet their target.

Taylor believes they will, telling Sky News on Tuesday,

Labor will use it. Because to get to their 2030 target, 45 per cent target, will be economy-wrecking if they [don’t] use the carryover.

It will be apocalyptic if they don’t use it.

Labor frontbencher Jenny McAllister told Sky News that the opposition is currently taking advice on the carryover credits — but is apprehensive to take advantage, due to their pride.

It ought not be used as an excuse for delaying real action.

We do have a very ambitious target.

We want to see genuine transformation of the Australian economy so we do have a clean economy.

A gold star for Australia

Despite their noble intentions, Labor should be reminded that Australia has made great progress when it comes to our reductions. Especially, when it comes to our Paris agreement.

Environment Minister Melissa Price says that other countries are not able to use carryover credits because previous targets have not been met.

She told Sky News that Australia’s carryover is extremely good news and should be utilized, because it means that we have ‘over-achieved’.

We’re entitled to use carryover and that’s what we’re going to do.

This is especially the case when you consider that Australia is not the problem country of the world when it comes to coal emissions.

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