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Islamophobia Not Welcome in a Free Society

David Leyonhjelm has condemned the terrorist attack that occurred in Christchurch and offered condolences to our Kiwi cousins who have been affected by the tragedy.

People should be able to congregate and practise their religion without fearing for their lives,’ he said. ‘Freedom of religious expression is fundamental to democracy, along with having safe places to worship.’

All individuals have the right to worship and follow a religion of their choosing.

Those who harbour anti-Muslim sentiments and Islamophobia are not welcome in a free society. The perpetrators of this tragedy are medieval, dumb weaklings.

I have consistently opposed blanket condemnation of Moslems by some of my Senate colleagues. I endorse the views of the Jewish commentator on Middle East affairs, Daniel Pipes, who says radical Islam might be the problem, but moderate Islam is the solution.

This was an attack on innocent people simply because of their religion.

The perpetrators have behaved exactly as radical Islamist terrorists would behave.

Before the anti-gun movement turn this into a debate about gun control, it should be noted that the law-abiding firearms community have nothing to do with this tragedy.

The perpetrators broke multiple laws, including firearms laws, to carry out their crimes. Their preparations and actions indicate disregard and gross violation of New Zealand gun law.

So I urge Australians to not push uninformed conclusions about New Zealand’s gun law compared to Australia’s. Let’s show some sensitivity to our Kiwi cousins.

Too often we see the good guys, the law-abiding, the sporting shooters, the farmers, the volunteer hunters, punished for the actions of a tiny minority who misuse firearms, often obtained illegally.’

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. Fraser Anning is entitled to his freedom of speech as much as the next man or woman and he cannot be removed from parliament for something as trivial as exercising this right, before you go off, his comments were certainly not trivial but the act of being able to do this is. Just look at the muslim hate preachers that we let into this country that travel around and spruke their vile hatred and it is barely given a second thought really, not much is ever done unless they are very extreme circumstances, and what does the media, pollies etc say – we live in a democratic country where freedom of speech is a right and to infringe on this right would go against the principles we stand for. Well it’s a two way street my friend just because you don’t like it does not give anyone the right to double standard the issue.
    I am in no way condoning anything said or done by the politician only the facts of free speech as they stand in our constitution. IMHO.

  2. Well if moderate Islam is the answer how long do they need because the armies of islam have been decimating complete nations of christianity since its genesis, the rise to there being so many muslims so quickly in early Africa and the middle East was due to this. The crusade battles were fought and mainly lost to the superior in numbers muslim armies who always gave their enemy a chance to renounce & convert or perish, which they chose, but the surviving non military people in those areas converted as the option was not that flash. I have found these details from an american professor of history who claims that complete periods of history were re-written to change these facts.
    So when is moderate islam coming to the table to sort this mess out, don’t hold your breath. ML

  3. Yes, everyone should have the right to gather and practise their religion in peace. So where is the outrage when Christians are killed by terrorists as in the latest Nigerian incident where 32 Christians have been killed. Literally, hundreds of Christians are killed all over the world by terrorists every year. It barely makes the headlines. Don’t their lives have the same value. Obviously not. When Waleed Aly commentated on the Boston Marathon where small children were killed and maimed he said that terrorism was an “irritant”. It seems he has a different view when Muslims are the victims. It’s a pity he has never shown such emotion when Australians were killed by terrorists. He and Muslim clerics in this country have never come out and robustly denounced terrorist attacks but it seems they have found their voice on this occasion. Would like to know the exact definition of – moderate islam. It’s interesting the push in this country to make it ilegal to say anything against Islam and where comments such as ” Those who harbour anti-Muslim sentiments and Islamophobia are not welcome in a free society”, are an attempt to shut down anyone who is concerned about the way the country is heading in relation to immigration. While the timing of Annings comments wasn’t good. They are in actual fact true. If you look at the past year you will see that hundreds of Christians have been killed when peacefully practising their faith. This terrible tragedy doesn’t change the facts that large scale muslim immigration into western society has not been successful. Look at Germany, England, France, Norway and Sweden. The problem is slowly creeping into Australia with no go zones in the west of Sydney. Fake news, and no news. If you don’t believe that there is a large movement of muslims in this country that would like to make Australia a muslim caliphate you yourself are delusional and dumb. In no way do I condone what has happened in NZ. It is a tragedy as is every terrorist attack where innocent people are killed.

    1. I agree with you Mac James, it is the radical Muslim that is doing this and while I condemn this gunman, I have to think why are grown men coming here as children? How is that possible? I have worked with a lot of moderate Muslims and you couldn’t meet nicer people. They don’t press their beliefs on you and they have integrated into our society. All this hate has been stirred up by George Soros and his thugs in the super elite, get rid of them and things will settle down again.