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Globalists Triumph — Britain on Track to Remain in EU

It’s still possible that the UK may exit the EU and regain some independence on trade and control over its borders.

But it’s highly unlikely.

Ever since the majority of Brits voted to part ways with the EU, vested interests — the deep state, if you will — are intent to derail the process and keep the UK as a vassal state to the European Union.

From fear mongering over the results of a successful exit to throwing up endless red tape, these well-funded globalist forces are inching closer to their goal.

In the latest blow, British Parliament once again rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed withdrawal deal just 17 days before the Article 50 Brexit deadline.

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Divorce deal rejected again…now what?

As RAW reports, the vote saw a 392 to 242 defeat for May, proving her last-minute attempts to secure desired amendments fruitless. Not as bad of a loss as the January vote, but a loss nonetheless.

And now, more than ever, the next move for the world’s fifth-largest economy is hard to determine.

For instance, there’s nothing stopping May from organising a third vote for parliamentary support for her deal, believing she can sway the hardline Eurosceptics from her Conservative Party with the increasing likelihood of remaining in the EU.

Other options include delaying the 29 March divorce date (which would need EU approval), a no-deal Brexit, a snap election, or another public referendum.

Here at The Australian Tribune, our money is on this last option.

And following years of scare campaigns, the global elite looks likely to win a second referendum. After all, when you don’t like the outcome of a vote…just have another one!

No-deal Brexit…yes or no?

In the next few hours, British MPs will commence another vote, this time deciding whether or not a no-deal Brexit should be pursued.

This isn’t a great scenario for business leaders, who believe it would cause market chaos that could result in shortages of supplies like food and medicines.

But supporters believe while it may bring short-term instability, a no-deal Brexit will ultimately lead to the UK forming more beneficial global trade deals.

But support for this move from parliament is unlikely, with many MPs, particularly opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, expressing their firm rejection of the plan.

As such, a vote is already scheduled for Thursday over the possibility of delaying the leave date.

EU are done with negotiating

One option that is definitely off the table is adding any further amendments to May’s twice-rejected divorce plan.

There will be no third chance,’ European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said on Monday.

There will be no further interpretations of the interpretations, no further assurances of the reassurances.’

So it really is all on Britain to decide the way forward. Hence why another referendum looks all too likely, in our opinion.

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