Climate change

Climate Kids the New Anti-West Warriors

Tens of thousands of Aussie school kids are skipping school today to attend climate change rallies instigated by the group School Strike 4 Climate Australia.

More than 90 countries across the globe have followed a similar model, with teachers in Sydney even encouraging students to sacrifice a day of education to ‘become the changes they seek to see in the world.’

It’s bad enough that these spoon-fed youths are being granted a pass to fulfil an ignorant political agenda.

What’s worse is that this spoon feeding of opinions seems to have led to a generation of brainwashed children, programmed to believe they are thinking for themselves. In reality, they are just a tool for anti-Western activists to undermine capitalism.

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It’s not hard to make children afraid

We can’t blame the children for responding as intended to the fear campaign of global warming.

When a prepubescent is blasted with images of melted glaciers, mass flash flooding, raging bushfires and lakes full of dead fish, and then are told this is all the cause of climate change…well, that spongy young brain is going to soak it all up.

And next come the reels of struggling farmers, dying livestock and other ‘cute’ animals on the brink of extinction, paired with claims that humans are the ones slowly destroying the planet.

So the kids go to bed rid with the guilt that every light they turn on could result in the death of a monkey.

The problem is, those environmental activists know this. They know kids are the easiest and most susceptible targets. That’s why they’re using them. And it’s working.

Protests get positive result

A bunch of New Zealand students mirrored the Strike 4 Climate cause today, and were successful.

NZ Climate Change Minister James Shaw was moved by the turnout, thanking the kids for ‘taking a stand.’

Today is your day…It is time for the talking to stop. It is time for the action to start,’ he added, pledging the government would pass a long-awaited carbon emission reduction legislation later in the year.

How do you think the kids will react to that?

The fact is, many economies are losing faith in the Paris emission reduction proposals. Australia alone has seen energy prices climb by 76% in the past decade by trying to meet those targets.

But these left-wing educated millennials will only see their leaders listening to their concerns.

Then in just a few years, these brainwashed kids will be voters.

By The Australian Tribune Editorial

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. Since the end of the ice age approx 12,000 years ago the oceans have risen 120 metres. That is undisputed, it is even on the CSIRO website. That is an average of 1 metre every 100 years. Lucky the rate has naturally slowed in the last 2000 years.
    To think that we as humans can slow this down is absurd. The poles are still melting, climates are always slowly changing, nothing in nature is static!. We will adapt (and thrive) like we always have.

  2. Yes, School kids are impressionable and they are perfect fodder for the cannons of the climate warriors. That is unfortunate, that so called adults, who obviously think that they have the key of climate puzzle, use those who obviously need to grow up, find themselves in the society and learn to act responsibly.
    However, circa half of these kids will in time lean to the right, and similar number to the left. That is how Mother Nature has set it up. It seems that one of the two sides have more critical thinkers and individualistic view of the world. The other side, seems to find strength in the numbers, and like to drown opposing view by the power of their collective voice. But, That is our Nature.
    Joe L