Trump and Kim meeting

Bolton Supports US NKorea No-deal

The no-deal from the US with North Korea was always a possibility.

US President Donald Trump never wavered in his intention to get North Korea to denuclearise the state.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton has stood by Trump’s choice to depart from a nuclear deal with North Korea. Bolton also insists that the president is ‘not desperate for a deal’, according to DPA.

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Trump responsible for defending and advancing US

The national security adviser said that Trump’s responsibility is to protect and advance US interests, ‘and I think he did that by rejecting a bad deal’.

Bolton also emphasised that Trump was attempting to coax Chairman Kim Jong-un ‘to take the big deal that really could make a difference’ to his country.

In an interview with US broadcasters, Bolton stated that there’s ‘no expiration date’ regarding denuclearisation talks and the ‘president is fully prepared to keep negotiating at lower levels’ or even speak face-to-face with Kim again.

On Thursday, Trump’s second summit with Kim (first was last year in Singapore) ended in abruptly in Hanoi, without a deal.

Bolton defended Trump when criticism came that he wasn’t prepared, and that the meeting raised the status of the dictator of a communist country, DPA reports.

Trump take Kim at his word

Bolton also defended Trump in regards to the president’s statement that he took Kim at his word when it came to Otto Warmbier, a US student that passed away only days after being deported back to the US in 2017.

DPA reports that Kim told Trump that he wasn’t aware of the goings on in regards to Warmbier while he was held in North Korean custody.

What he’s trying to convey is that he’s got a difficult line to walk,’ Bolton said.

He further added that the president has previously said that what happened to Warmbier was ‘barbaric and unacceptable.’

Warmbier’s parents reproached Trump on Friday, saying Kim and his ‘evil regime’ were the reason for their son’s death.

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