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Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s launch of a new pre-election climate change policy, setting us back a further $2 billion to bring down Australia’s emissions.

Morrison’s $2 Billion Climate Change Plan Should Silence the Critics

If there’s one thing we can glean from all the ruckus around this ‘climate change’ ordeal, it’s that global warming is in fact a global issue.

Yet we at The Australian Tribune have noticed that Australia seems to be taking on a lot of the responsibility by being a leader in emissions reduction, which is costing us big bucks.

Meanwhile, other major emissions culprits — like China and India — are doing next to nothing to right their wrongs, other than accepting funds that are supposed to go towards fixing the problem.

Today, we hold this view even more strongly, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s launch of a new pre-election climate change policy, setting us back a further $2 billion to bring down Australia’s emissions.

Surely this will be the move that finally assuages the middle ground critics — both at home and abroad — that Australia won’t meet its commitments.

Which is all we should do…until everyone does more.

But first, are you aware of the political lie that costs us $4 billion a day? You pay for it on your power bill, at the fuel pump, and when you buy your groceries. Find out more here.

New plan makes Paris commitment achievable

The 10-year Climate Solutions Package will help fund farmers, businesses and local governments to resolve pressing environmental concerns.

These include land revegetation, reducing the risk of bushfires, as well as replacing lighting and refrigeration systems to more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Morrison has stated the new plan will ‘ensure Australia meets our 2030 emissions reductions target’ of 26–28%, which the Prime Minister adds is ‘a responsible and achievable target’.

Of course, Morrison has said countless times that Australia was on track to meet its Paris commitment, but both government projections and global sceptics thought otherwise.

So to quell the uncertainty, Morrison has made this most recent investment towards climate change action.

Labor saying it isn’t a big enough target

Labor maintains its stance on a 45% reduction target by 2030, which Morrison says is ‘reckless’ and will only put a ‘wrecking ball’ through Australia’s economy. Morrison further stated:

We acknowledge and accept the challenge of addressing climate change, but we do so with cool heads, not just impassioned hearts.

Our government will take and is taking meaningful, practical, sensible, responsible action on climate change without damaging our economy or your family budget.

Because as Liberals and Nationals we don’t believe we have to choose between our environment and our economy — this is not an approach that a sensible Government like ours embraces.

Let’s hope others follow suit.

By The Australian Tribune Editorial

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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