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Liberals Undecided on Climate Change Action

Here at The Australian Tribune, we don’t let the tree hugging, fearmongering climate change believers sway our stance on what we believe should take priority in the list of governmental concerns.

We think a strong economy, affordable housing, as well as an impressive and encouraging employment rate are what should take top spot.

And it appears our Coalition are thinking on a similar level. As AAP reports, former foreign minister Julie Bishop intends to reveal to Hong Kong business figures that the Liberal Party are currently ‘divided’ on climate change.

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Bishop says climate action unrealistic

The West Australian says Bishop will make this remark to the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce. As part of her explanation, Bishop will say:

Our party is divided on the issue of climate change and whether, or how we respond.

I don’t see a solution to the current impasse but investors need regulatory certainty given the large and long-term investment needed for building energy generating capacity.’

She certainly isn’t wrong, given that $1.25 billion is the reduced target for Australia’s ‘climate spending’ in 2021–22, from a staggering $3 billion in 2017–18. Collaborating with China to further reduce carbon emissions would only further increase the tax margin coming out of Aussie family wallets.

As such, Bishop wants to also stress the need for our federal government to explain to voters exactly what’s in their climate-fixing capabilities. Right now, all those tree-huggers are insisting on an unrealistic level of change, Bishop believes:

Some Australians believe the government is doing too much, interfering in our lives – some believe the government is doing too little and should be solving all of society’s ills.

Others still believe whatever the government is doing, it is wrong.

We must do more to explain the limits of what government can and cannot do and have the courage to articulate longer-term policies and responses.

For if the public believes government should be achieving more than is possible, there will be a permanent state of disappointment and mistrust.’

It’s time the mainstream news starts explaining the extreme economic impact a degree-lowering regime will involve. Why not show some shrinking savings accounts in between those shrinking glaciers every once in a while?

Bishops plans for politics

Bishop’s message comes alongside the debate as to whether she will recontest her Perth seat of Curtin at the upcoming election.

After an early defeat for the fight to Turnbull’s successor with just 11 votes, Bishop resigned from the government frontbench.

Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he has not been updated on Bishop’s seat plans since she left the cabinet, which at that point was for her to return to the polls.

According to AAP, Morrison said on Tuesday:

She said she was going to contest the next election and hasn’t told me anything different since then.’

Many, however, believe that Julie Bishop will quit politics at the next election.

If so, she will be joining coalition ministers — Kelly O’Dwyer, Nigel Scullion and Michael Keenan —who have announced they won’t be recontesting for personal reasons.

Still, as Defence Minister Christopher Pyne told Nine’s Today Show on Friday:

There are less people retiring at the next election than any time in the last 30 years.’

That certainly reflects promise for the Morrison coalition.

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. Ms Bishop knows a lot of things that she sees them as wrong. Thus she says that there is no unity in Liberal party. Does she think that there was more unity before her resignation. Her running for the Deputy, should be a real eye opener, scoring only some dozen of the votes. She sees a lot of wrongs but does not offer her opinion on any solution.
    Unfortunately for Liberal party and with it for Australia, Liberals are not entirely liberal. Drum into people that having a job is the best corner stone of any society. Everything else can be built on it. You can “redistribute” the wealth, but the problem comes to roost; “when you run out of other people’s money, what then”. M Thatcher said the words to that effect.