New Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull

How the Coalition Can Beat ‘Arrogant’ Labor

Malcolm Turnbull, the man who lost his position as prime minister to the current edition, believes that the Coalition can win the next election.

Turnbull was vocal in his annoyance towards the right faction of the Liberal party last year when he lost the prime ministership and his son campaigned against the Liberal party in the Wentworth by-election.

But the former prime minister believes Scott Morrison can lead the Coalition to a win in the upcoming federal election, despite the most recent Newspoll reporting a Labor lead by 53-47.

Well, look, Australian elections are close — they’re two-horse races, right?’ he said.

Of course he’s in with a chance but it’s a matter for the people.

Before he was kicked out of office during the Libspill in August last year, Mr Turnbull had adjusted the coalition’s standing in the polls — 51­–47, behind by just two points.

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There’s still a chance

On topic of the general election, he described it being merely a contest over the national economy — expressing distaste over Labor’s ‘arrogant’ plans to remove cash payments for excess franking credits.

If they’re this arrogant to you before an election imagine what Bill Shorten would be like if he actually won one,’ Mr Morrison said.

He thinks he’s already got it in the bag.

But when questioned further on the government’s direction for the future, he deflected.

I have to remind you that I’m not retired, but I am retired from politics.’

Although he stressed that he wasn’t a commentator on the upcoming battle for Flinders, between Liberal-turned-independent MP Julia Banks and Health Minister Greg Hunt, he did commend her on the move, AAP reports.

An unsurprising stab, seeing as it was Mr Hunt that moved against the former prime minister in the hope of becoming deputy to a hopeful Peter Dutton.

In another battle, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is being challenged by another former Liberal member, Oliver Yates.

Yates is urging voters, from his blue-ribbon seat in Melbourne, to kick Mr Frydenberg out of his seat due to his weak efforts in convincing the Coalition to take effective action on climate change.

But Mr Frydenberg shows no sweat over the electoral threat.

I’ve faced a contest in all three elections that I’ve won since coming to office and I look forward to the next contest,’ he told ABC radio.

I have a good, strong local track record and I’ll be making the case to the people of Kooyong between now and the next election.

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