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‘Gutless Wonder’: Sexual Harassment Accusations Fly in Parliament

On Tuesday, Pauline Hanson supported a motion to cull crocodiles in Queensland.

Later that night she took aim at a different type of swamp-dwelling creature.

Hanson claimed that a married senator sexually harassed at least six staff in his office during this term of parliament.

According to the Australian Associated Press, Hanson accused an unnamed senator of harassing women, who then used taxpayer funds to pay for these women’s mouths to remain shut.

Hanson told the upper house on Tuesday, ‘This gutless wonder we call senator should hang his head in shame.’

A lot has happened since then.

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Burston claims himself as the unnamed harasser

Yesterday Brian Burston, an MP for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, put his hand up as the unnamed culprit.

He told News Corp Australia that he had ‘no doubt’ Hanson’s remarks were about him.

And his argument? Well, he says it’s a flip of the facts:

It’s all bulls***. This is a woman scorned.

One of the reasons I left One Nation was because of the sexual harassment.’

That’s right, Burston says that some 20 years of sexual advances from Hanson is what lead him to quitting her party last year and joining Mr Palmer.

Right back when we (One Nation) had our first One Nation AGM at the Rooty Hill RSL (in 1998), that was the first time she hit on me….rubbed her fingers up my spine.’

Burston also claims Hanson has been propositioning him since her election in 2016.

Hanson has shrugged off these claims.

I wouldn’t go near him with a barge pole…I’m not that desperate.’

Things get physical

And last night, tensions ramped up again.

Burston was involved in a physical confrontation with One Nation advisor James Ashby.

Reports say Ashby thrusted a phone in Burston’s face, which caused Burston to shout ‘f*** off’. Burston admits this, saying he ‘lost it…I grabbed him and I pushed him up against the wall’.

Ashby says he was trying to take photos of Hanson who had just left a meeting when he was attacked by Burston.

It doesn’t really matter what happened, though. It’s not like any government policies were made or broken during this time-wasting nonsense.

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