Globalists’ Sneaky Manoeuvre to Stop Brexit

A group of retired diplomats — poster children for the Deep State — have issued a plea to British Prime Minister Theresa May to delay Brexit.

But it’s no coincidence that their statement was organised by supporters of a second referendum. The real goal here is not to delay the UK’s divorce from the globalist bureaucracy of Brussels, but to derail it entirely.

With May’s most recent loss in the Commons over her revised divorce deal, and a conglomerate of MPs who refuse to support a no-deal Brexit, it’s looking like the globalists may actually achieve what they’re after.

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Ambassadors say pause on Brexit

According to PAA, a statement to The Times revealed that over 40 former ambassadors warned May that if she secured the vote for her new plan, it would do nothing to end the uncertainty around this Brexit debacle.

Instead, according to the statement, these former ambassadors believe it would ‘mark the start of year upon year of negotiation and renegotiation.’

Our advice to Theresa May today is clear: we should not leave the EU when we have no clarity about our final destination. We strongly advocate a change of direction before it is too late.’

The statement was signed by those who formerly represented the US, France and Russia. It also received Lord Kerr’s signature, who was once head of the Foreign Office and co-authored the Article 50 clause which outlines the process in performing an EU exit.

One signatory, Lord Ricketts, commented on this collective stance, saying:

We can all feel the rising exasperation and incomprehension at why Britain can’t resolve its internal differences.

This is a wake-up call. If we can’t get a clear agreement, let’s delay. Let’s not go over the cliff without pausing and thinking.’

Another loss in the Commons for May

What this is, is just another spin on the ‘no-deal Brexit will destroy us’ fear campaign. It’s repainting that image of a directionless Britain, who needs to regroup and reconsider their objectives before proceeding.

What’s really troubling, however, is that it seems to have worked.

On Thursday evening Britain time, May suffered her 10th hit in the Commons, with her revised Brexit strategy being down voted in a 248–303 loss.

This time, it was both pro-Brexiteers and EU-remaining gunners who couldn’t show their support in the new deal. With just 44 days until Brexit is due, there really are only two options left…no-deal exit, a delayed exit, or a second referendum.

All options have their cons, which British MPs have been vocal about. But desperate attempts at altering the troubled ‘backstop’ arrangement aren’t sitting well with the EU, who are frankly running out of patience.

Exactly what the globalists wanted.

The best plan to take

Right now, it seems the best May can do is avoid a referendum and instead gun for an amendment to Article 50, to give Britain more time to secure a proper Brexit divorce deal.

This is supposedly the only option Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn will tolerate who, after the recent Commons vote, is calling May to bring a new ‘coherent’ plan to Parliament instead of ‘just running down the clock and hoping something will turn up’.

It’s almost like the Deep State has bugged his ear.

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