brexit deal may not go ahead

Why Globalists Are Pressing for a Second Brexit Referendum

We’ve said it here before. But we’ll say it again.

Globalist forces on both sides of the Channel remain determined to derail Brexit at any cost. Brussels has done everything in its power to make the UK’s departure from the EU as difficult, unpalatable and lengthy as possible. And globalists within the UK have been only too happy to pitch in.

Their favoured means to overturn Brexit is a continued push for a second referendum. And with good reason.

Following years of fear driven propaganda from the left-wing media, more Britons now want to remain in the European Union than leave. That’s according to a survey published on Sunday, which also shows voters want to make the final decision themselves.


You bet.

If you don’t like the way citizens cast their votes…scare the bejesus out of them and make them vote again!

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More even splits with votes on another referendum

The Brexit date is fast approaching now, scheduled for 29 March. But the closer we creep to the deadline, the less likely it seems Britain will actually follow through with the plan.

Particularly when the Brexit plan itself, designed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, isn’t finding the support it needs to pass parliament later this month.

May’s own conservative party is even hesitant about the exit deal, which essentially derails the entire purpose of Brexit by allowing the UK’s connections to the EU to remain relatively unchanged until 2020.

So with it growing clearer that parliament is unlikely to reach a worthwhile consensus, the results from a survey by polling firm YouGov showing significant support for a second public referendum are hardly surprising.

Though as the results also show, it would hardly bring the UK the unanimous decision seemingly required to rid us of all this uncertainty.

As RAW reports, the survey showed that if a second referendum were held immediately, the results (when removing undecided or abstinence from the sample) would reveal a 54–46 split in favour of remaining part of the EU.

Looks shockingly similar to the first round, don’t you think?

Don’t expect an overwhelming majority for Brexit

The 2016 referendum had a 52–48 split in favour of Britain leaving the EU.

This recent survey of over 25,000 voting participants was commissioned by the People’s Vote Campaign, who are forthright in their insistence on a second Brexit referendum, as RAW reports.

So all this recent survey seems to show us is that a little bit of fear instilled in the public is all it takes to skew a vote a handful of points in the opposite direction.

May is strongly against a having a second referendum. And it seems, on this front, she isn’t alone in her resolve.

Though the YouGov survey revealed a majority in favour of another round, these results weren’t any better at shucking the divided stance of the nation.

Removing the undecided showed just a 53% sway in favour of another referendum.

Funnily enough, May nabbed a greater majority in her party’s confidence vote, with 63% backing her leadership.

May’s exit deal will be voted on by the MPs in the week beginning 14 January. A clean 60–40 split looks like too much to ask, by the looks of it.

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