Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Signals Wind Down of ‘Endless Wars’

 For those whose wealth and careers depend on the multi-trillion-dollar defence and espionage industries, US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of Syria signals a worrying trend. And these ‘Deep State’ forces wasted little time and effort disparaging Trump for his bold decision.

Trump stands by his decision, insisting it shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Pulling US troops out of Syria is an understandable move towards his campaign against America’s involvement in never-ending wars.

Nevertheless, it did surprise some.

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Trump’s heroic move is denounced by naysayers

Trump’s announcement on 19 December to withdraw US forces from Syria came as a shock to administration officials and allies who have their troops fighting alongside the US.

They saw it as the wrong move to make when dealing with the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, which the US are endeavouring to defeat.

But Trump pointed out that ISIS is ‘mostly gone’ thanks to the efforts up to this point from the forces involved. Moreover, the president reiterated an important aspect of the withdrawal, in that it would be a gradual process where troops would slowly pull out, ‘while at the same time fighting ISIS remnants’, as DPA reports.

Trump, a leader who is used to taking his fair share of condemnation from the naysayers, believes this round of criticism has no basis.

And he has a point. Trump is enabling this hard fighting troops to come home victorious, achieving the mission they were sent to Syria to complete. Any other leader, Trump argued, would be labelled a ‘national hero’ for announcing this withdrawal.

But if Trump declares it, it has to be the wrong move, right?

And so we see yet another version of the mainstream media regurgitating the same angle day in and day out, despite what the facts are saying.

It is Fake News and Pundits who have FAILED for years that are doing the complaining. If I stayed in Endless Wars forever, they would still be unhappy!’ Trump said.

Senator sees reason in Trump’s move

Thankfully, there is one critic who is seeing through the bogus and judging the situation for what it truly is.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a critic of Trump’s decision on Syria, admitted on Sunday that the president had thought ‘long and hard about Syria’. He acknowledges Trump’s effort to find a way to bring the US troops safely home whilst also maintaining national security.

And most significantly, as DPA reports, Graham said Trump had reassured him that the US have not backed down from their commitment to defeat the Islamic State.

And this makes perfect sense. For if there’s one thing Trump refuses to retreat from, it’s a threat to the wellbeing of his fellow American citizens.

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