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Snider Willing to Take It like a Man

It wouldn’t be a week in Australian political news if a pointless scandal wasn’t being paraded around every outlet.

While we wait for Aussie parliament to commence sitting for 2019 mid next month, the media have decided to pump us with the ridiculous feud between United Australia Party leader Clive Palmer and Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider.

The conflict arose from Snider accusing Palmer of using the band’s 1980s hit ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as inspiration for a television advertisement for Palmer’s political campaign. Palmer’s jingle has the lyrics ‘Australia ain’t gonna cop it’ to endorse his United Australia Party.

In response to the supposed lack of deserved compensation, as AAP reports, Snider has now challenged Palmer to a fist fight to end the dispute once and for all.

It just gets classier by the day, doesn’t it?

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Snider wants to teach Palmer a lesson

Snider’s first move was legal action against Palmer, who supposedly asked to pay for a $125,000 to use the song but then never followed through.

Snider claims his frustrations aren’t just about the money, saying his song is all about free choice and Palmer’s ‘party is not pro-choice, especially in terms of women’s rights’.

Snider then decided to sue Palmer to break the politician’s ‘theme’ of not paying people.

It’s very frustrating that he’s so blatant and fragrant with the law. I’ve dealt with a lot of politicians using my song, you tell them to stop, they say ‘fine, I don’t like your band anyway’ and they walk away,’ he said.

But a lesson of integrity seems to have gone amiss in his latest threat, which Snider told Courier–Mail:

I’d like to have a fist fight with him.

I’m 63, he’s 64. Let’s get rid of the lawyers and duke it out. Just don’t let him sit on me! I’m fit as f***, I’ll kick his ass, but he’s got one move, which is the ass plant. He could crush me and there’d be nothing I could do.

Palmer has his own set of quips

Unfortunately, Palmer has bitten back just as dirty, making no progress on the issue other than providing entertaining quotes.

As an aging rocker with an affinity for wigs, he is obviously still trying to gain notoriety so people will come to his concerts.

He should be careful about pointing the finger at people because the song he is apparently so protective of was not an original work of his, rather a rip-off of the centuries-old Christmas carol “O Come, All Ye Faithful”.

If Mr Snider thinks he has a case, then there is a court system to deal with such matters. I believe his legal advice has stated there is no merit in it, and he should not be misleading the Australian public.

As a senior citizen of the USA, I hope his tour earns him enough money for a comfortable retirement.

Australians aren’t going to cop it …………. Anymore.’

What a burn…if only those talents could be used on important matters, rather than being wasted on unnecessary scandal.

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