Australian Banks in the firing line

Royal Commission Report Set to be Scathing

2018 was the year that the financial institutions in Australia finally faced up to what they had done to their customers.

We’ve seen a barrage of deception come to light, and we expect to see those details in the final report of the Banking Royal Commission.

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Date set for final report

The final report will be released to the public on Monday afternoon, after the ASX closes trading for the day, according to the Australian Associated Press.

This Friday is when the federal government with receive the report, with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg then making the findings public at 4.10pm, Monday.

In September, Kenneth Hayne QC released his interim report, and it was not kind. The scathing report uncovered information about the misconduct by those in the banking, superannuation and financial services field.

Here at The Australian Tribune, we can’t see the report being any kinder for the industries involved come Monday.

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Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic is an editor and writer for The Australian Tribune. She has a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University and a Masters in Publishing and Editing from Monash University.

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