Washington, DC - January 2019: Trump Shutdown Flag Means America

No End in Sight for US Shutdown

After rejecting two proposals to resolve the partial US government — one put forth by US President Donald Trump and another by the Democrats —  we’re left with no end in sight to the record breaking government closure.

The Republican bill miscarried 50–47 and the Democratic legislation saw the same outcome, failing 52–44.

Trump needed a clear 60 to pass Thursday’s vote.

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US Shutdown negotiations strained

It’s expected that the shutdown, which left 800,000 federal workers furloughed or working without pay, will continue over the weekend according to RAW.

After outlining his proposal in a speech on Saturday, Trump intended to spend US$5.7 billion (AU$7.99 billion) to build a wall along the US and Mexico border. It also details funding for additional border agents, and thousands more immigration and customs officials, as reported by RAW.

His proposal offers ‘dreamers’, those brought over as minors by their undocumented parents, an extended three years protection.

But, some immigration advocates are saying the changes to asylum laws would restrict the amount of asylum seekers granted into the United States each year.

Meanwhile, the Democrats bill didn’t offer additional money for security, but the short-term funding is meant to cover where immigration discussions could continue, as well as providing US$14 billion in emergency spending for disaster relief.

Back to square one in wall negotiations

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said the Democrats’ proposal:

Allows us to reopen the government and then — then, after government is open — settle our differences over border security. I know it’s not partisan because every single Republican supported the same basic idea just one month ago when we voted on it.

It’s back to square one…

However the Democrats are considering passing a bill with border security (without directing all funding) as a compromise.

This is a significant shift from their no-negotiation stance held for over the last month. Trump previously warned this compromise wouldn’t be sufficient.

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