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Nanny State Booze Ban Sparks Outrage in Western Australia

The Nanny State is always looking out for your best interests. Whether you like it or not.

Residents in northern Western Australia have come together to loudly proclaim that they do not like it…at all. They claim they’re being unfairly punished by a ban on the Sunday sale of alcohol and other restrictions designed to tackle problem drinking in the region.

As of 31 March, restrictions on when and the amount of takeaway alcohol that can be sold, will come into effect in WA’s Pilbara communities.

Restrictions will be narrowed allowing locals to purchase three bottles of wine and one carton of beer, or one bottle of spirits per customer on weekdays.

Pubs and hotels will no longer be able to advertise their prices for the popular, full-strength beers.

According to AAP, residents are obviously bitter about the changes and have taken to social media to express their annoyance, as the changes will effect workers who’s rosters restrain their trips to town.

Josh Coleman posted on Facebook: ‘A lot of us have our RDO on Sunday and it’s the only day we can get to the bottle shop to buy booze before it shuts’.

Liquor Licensing director Duncan Ord said that the changes are in response to submissions from WA law enforcement, on how to handle alcohol-related abuse.

Mr Ord stated on Monday ‘The abuse of alcohol in the Pilbara continues to have a negative impact on the community in terms of domestic violence, child abuse, crime and anti-social behaviour’.

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Pilbara’s new rules punish responsible drinkers

But industry representatives feel that these new rules will unfairly affect responsible drinkers and tourists.

Peter Peck, Liquor Stores Association chief executive said ‘This is 1970s thinking to an issue that we have learned needs a more nuanced, collaborative and well thought-out solution’.

He said that registering banned drinkers in the region would better target alcohol abuse.

WA’s government has guaranteed to administer a trial of the register.

These new restrictions come from submissions to Liquor Licensing director from government departments and the WA police appealing for more procedures to contest alcohol abuse.

WA police have stated that Alcohol-related domestic violence is seven times the metropolitan rate in Pilbara.

And according to the Department of Child Protection and Family Services, just under half of all domestic violence incidents reported have involved booze.

Pilbara’s Port Hedland has already placed a Sunday alcohol takeaway ban whilst Newman have prohibited sales before 10am on weekdays.

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