Globalists Close to Derailing Brexit with New Referendum

The organisation calls itself the ‘People’s Vote’. But don’t be fooled.

The ‘People’s Vote’ exists solely to negate the will of the 52% of UK citizens who voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

And now, after almost three years of delaying tactics and fear mongering, the globalists believe a second referendum will see voters choose to stay within the EU. And they’ve pulled out all the stops in an effort to secure a new vote.

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A second referendum over minister approval

Here at The Australian Tribune, we’ve been following this Brexit back and forth as closely as possible. But with less than three months until the leave date, 29 March, a clean and orderly exit is looking less and less likely.

Next week on 15 January, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial withdrawal plan will be put to the post in parliament. If it isn’t passed, ministers will have 21 days to convene and agree on the next course of action.

It isn’t ideal, but frankly, it’s what needs to happen to end this indecisiveness once and for all. There have been too many near-even splits in almost every aspect of the Brexit. Perhaps a fresh round of productive discussion is necessary.

But the ‘People’s Vote’ campaigners have other ideas, as RAW reports. And unfortunately, their ideas are being supported by some members of parliament.

See, rather than proceeding to three weeks of minister talk, the People’s Vote campaign believe a second referendum should be called instead.

Their reasoning? Well…

Nobody has come forward with a proposal that could secure a majority in the present circumstances. The blunt reality is that such a proposal does not exist.

We believe the only credible way forwards for (lawmakers) will be to hand the decision back to the people.

Credible? Possibly. But a ‘way forward’…well, that’s certainly debatable.

The many problems with another referendum

For instance, if such a referendum were to occur, it would need to happen around mid-February, according to RAW.

And that means Britain would have no choice but to request an extension of the Brexit timetable, for a referendum campaign can take months.

And postponing the exit date would need to be unanimously agreed upon by EU heads of state and government in the European Council. That’s not exactly an over-the-phone job.

And if it is approved, what would that result in? Oh, not much, other than possibly the MOST EXTRAORDINARY political reversal in modern British history.

And on top of that, there’s a fair chance this second referendum gives a similar even split. We only need look at recent poll results  to see that.

And the biggest issue, in our opinion…what question do they ask?

Are they asking the public whether or not Brexit should still take place? Or are they asking to choose between May’s version of Brexit and a new one?

Because all this points towards a major dig at May’s leadership choices rather than a hindsight moment of clarity regarding the first referendum.

Here’s hoping 15 January brings a victory for May. Then at least we can put this entire thing behind us.

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