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Federal MP Husar ‘Nauseated’ by Labor’s Gender Claims

The Labor party is doing its best to paint itself as the champion of women’s rights. And to portray the Liberals as a bunch of Neanderthals who drag their female MPs around by the hair.

But according to federal MP Emma Husar, that’s all a bunch of garbage.

Outgoing federal MP Emma Husar has raked her party colleagues for not publically standing up for her against bullying accusations.

In August, allegations of bullying and sexual harassment were made against her, but she claims that many senior women from the Labor party have offered their support privately.

MS Husar also said that her colleagues who have claimed to be the ‘be-all and end-all’ on gender equality since the allegations came out had ‘nauseated’ her.

On Monday, the MP for Lindsay told The Sydney Morning Herald:

They seem to have found their voices now but didn’t find them before to defend one of their own. Where were the women standing up for me? Where were the blokes calling it out?

Husar claims she was ‘used’ by Labor

Ms Husar claims she has been ‘used’ by Labor to demonstrate what ‘great people’ they were, thus throwing her into the deep end, according to AAP.

Senior Labor frontbencher Penny Wong views Ms Husar’s position as ‘distressing’. However, she’d rather turn her attention to broader issues facing women in politics, including helping them succeed in their careers, telling reports in Adelaide on Monday:

I can say to you as somebody who has been involved for a very long time inside the Labor Party, I have seen a very big cultural change

It’s come about because we changed our rules and we got more women into Parliament and more women into positions of authority.’

Labor has nearly a 50% representation of female to male MPs, but most of the party elders are men, Ms Husar said.

Senator Wong said that Labor has exposed the Coalition’s poor record of female representation through Labor’s own parliamentary record success regarding representation.

However there is conflict about this fact within the Labor party itself. Ms Husar claimed that senior Labor officials were predominantly men, while Labor frontbencher Shayne Neumann stated that in his home state of Queensland and NSW, top-ranking party officials were women, telling reporters in Brisbane:

Labor’s proud of its record to promote and support women in public life’.

Labor held a confidential internal investigation that found the Lindsay MP had ill-treated her electoral staff, but there wasn’t evidence of sexual harassment.

The MP had decided to not recontest her Sydney seat at the federal election this year, but changed her mind and attempted to recontest. However, last month she was dumped by NSW Labor as the party’s candidate.

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  1. Emma Husar was and is one of those people that says “look at me”. A bit of authority went to her head and appeared to look down on the people that were there to help her. She has seen the perks of political life and doesn’t want to part with it. Amazing how they say “I’ll just quit” and realise the money and perks are gone. Now it’s who can I blame.