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Don’t listen to ‘Project Fear’ — Brexit is a Good Thing

 With the debate in the UK reaching a fever pitch over the past few weeks, The Australian Tribune would like to underline why you should not listen to ‘Project Fear.’

‘Project Fear’ is the concerted effort by a number of commentators in the media, even entire media outlets, to convince you that Brexit is a bad idea.

They cite a variety of misguiding trade statistics, the prospect of Ireland descending into chaos again and the mass expulsion of EU nationals from the UK.

In, short they want you to be afraid — they would have you continue listening to the siren song of globalism.

But ultimately, the question of Brexit does not come down to numbers…it comes down to ideology.

Ideology is a complex beast, but one that is shaped by history. As such, perhaps the best commentator on Brexit is a historian.

Historic Moment for UK

Cambridge University Professor Robert Tombs, who started Briefings for Brexit, characterises ‘Project Fear’ best.

Hard-line Remainers … have been and are willing to push their campaign beyond legitimate politics as previously understood . . . first, they have encouraged foreign authorities to resist the policy of the UK, and have thereby done much to sabotage that policy …second, they have attempted to de-legitimise legal votes, using arguments that would take us back 150 years and more — essentially, that ordinary people are incapable of taking a major national decision and that they must therefore be overruled… vehement Remainers [are] motivated less by affection for the EU than by contempt for those they think support Brexit.’

We all know the British love to inject class into everything — and Tombs is spot on in identifying how ‘Project Fear’ operates.

It is largely the posh and cosmopolitan London versus the grubby traditionalists north of the capital who would have the gumption to believe that their country should forge its destiny.

Let us be clear — the EU is a broken technocratic system that is quickly hurtling towards disaster. The UK should not be tying its fate to something that by its very nature is undemocratic.

This is a historic moment for the UK. Don’t listen to ‘Project Fear.’

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. It is the human nature, which is also exhibited by the animals, that there is more security in numbers. It seems not to matter, even if we are deep in the proverbial (sh** hole), as long as we all smell similarly.
    The problem really starts when a section of the herd decides to look for the greener pastures. That is when the bulk of the heard starts to fear that the break away section will be bette off, spreading the fears of the roaming wolves.
    Go Brits, all you have to loose is that insatiable bureaucracy who want to feel more comfortable on your backs.