Brexit Referendum Times Two?

We’ve called it all along here at The Australian Tribune, Brexit won’t happen.

And after the crushing defeat of the Brexit deal to leave the EU, the UK may turn their backs on the democratic referendum that saw the majority wanting to leave the EU. Now, we could see another referendum take place.

According to RAW, Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said that Britain is moving towards a delay to its expected 29 March exit from the European Union, and will most likely hold a renewed vote on Britain’s membership of the EU.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May endured a roaring failure on her Brexit plan in parliament.

Farage, who pressed for the 2016 Brexit referendum as leader of the UK Independence Party said on Wednesday to Sky News: ‘I think and I fear that we are headed on a path towards delay and probably, yes, a second vote’.

Adding that the ‘leave’ vote would be even greater if there was a second referendum held.

He said ‘The British may be a very placid people, very laid back but I promise you: if they get pushed too far it’s a lion that will roar. We will be even more defiant if we have to fight a second referendum and we will win it by a bigger majority’.

As UKIP leader, Farage put the heat on former Prime Minister David Cameron to guarantee an EU referendum, then helped usher the favourable campaign to depart the bloc.

Since resigning as UKIP leader after the 2016 election, Farage has been cynical of the party he described as poorly lead and disorganised.

Farage quit the party in December, after criticising a choice by Gerard Batten the current leader, in assigning far-right activist Tommy Robinson as an adviser.

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