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Abbott to Battle Independent in Election Challenge

With the next Aussie federal election looming in the not-so-distant future, claws are starting to come out of Liberal opposers who are wanting them booted off the government throne.

On such opposer is Alice Thompson, former adviser of ex-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Thompson plans to run against Tony Abbott, another ex-prime minister, as an independent for the Sydney seat of Warringah.

She is likely doing this in a bid to stop Abbott from returning to the Liberal leadership, as AAP reports.

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Thompson thinks she’s right for the post

Abbott currently holds the seat with roughly a 12% margin. The seat has been voting conservative since 1922.

But a few are now gunning for a takeover of the seat, including indigenous broadcaster and mental health educator Susan Moylan-Coombs. Coombs says she was inspired by Kerryn Phelps’ success, who won Mr Turnbull’s old seat of Wentworth from the Liberals.

Thompson, however is insisting that her motives are of a moral nature, as opposed to an aggressive one.

I’m not just doing this to stop Tony’s mission to be leader of the Liberals and prime minister,’ Thompson tweeted.

I’m running because I have good ideas for Warringah and the nation and a track record of getting things done in government for the public interest.’

Here at The Australian Tribune, we see no difference between the two, quite frankly. Believing Abbott is failing at his Warringah post hardly condones his ability to be PM.

Nevertheless, Thompson is sure her plans to bring infrastructure funding to the electorate’s attention will help in her success to secure the seat.

I’ve seen first hand how capable independents deliver for communities in safe seats and unblock reforms,’ she said.

I know how to do this and will get Warringah’s fair share of attention.’

Abbott doesn’t trust independents

While not signalling out any weakness of Thompson’s capabilities, Abbott has shown his weariness around independent parties. Earlier this week, Abbott cautioned voters against backing independents or the Greens in the upcoming election.

He told Sydney radio 2GB:

If you want a credible parliament, if you want serious government, don’t vote independent.’

In fact, Abbott’s weariness of independent parties stems so far that he has implored Liberal haters to back the opposition instead, if voting for liberal is a no-go:

It is better to vote for the Labor Party than to vote for an independent.’

Of course, PM Scott Morrison is not so willing to undermine his party as the best option for the good of Australia in the next election. He insists that both independents and Labor don’t deserve the votes.

That’s my view. That’s my very strong view,’ Mr Morrison told Sydney radio 2GB on Monday.

Because neither of them can deliver a stronger economy. Neither of them can provide what Australians need.’

He’s not wrong, seeing as his government is the first to produce a budget surplus in over a decade.

But as we all know, being the right choice isn’t always enough to sway the Australian public.

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  1. Who is this Ms Thompson? And what is that office that gave her the right to decide that Mr Abbott “is ‘dangerous’ for Australia. How about, say, what majority of Australia thinks of Ms Thompson and Mr Abbott. No? did I hear, that does not count. What counts is “my opinion”. You voters are just baa, baa to be ushered into your pens. The trouble is, she can not be singled out. They almost all are. Pollies I mean.